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Volkswagen Polo (4F) General Information

Just to avoid confusion, the "F" in "Polo 4F" means facelift. Actually in typical Rallye-info database nomenclature I should have left out the "F". But in contrary to the previous Polo S1600 project, that even started with the entirely different Polo 3 before switching to the Polo 4 (before facelift), the Polo S2000 soleley existed in this facelift version. And it was actually only a minor facelift. Meaning this car looks very much like the Polo S1600, only the characteristic round twin headlights made way for a more common (boring) Volkswagen face.

This is the only S2000 that has not been seen at WRC level. And even in the IRC the car is a rare sight. And that even though its data sheet looks rather good. If you read through the stories of Volkswagen Golf Kit Car and Volkswagen Polo S1600, maybe no driver wants to get involved with Volkswagen any more. Then again, maybe it is good news that Volkswagen themselves keep their fingers off this project near completely.

Alongside the Toyota Corolla this is the only car that was run in South Africa before the S2000 rules had even been finalised. So the car has loads of mileage already, which should be a big advantage. The Polo S2000 has been developed more or less privately in South Africa by probably one of South Africa's most famous rally drivers himself, Janny Habig. The European running is under the banner of "Belgian VW Club", prepared and run by René Georges.

The Polo S2000 had its IRC debut on the 2007 Ypres Rally in Belgium. And again even without works support - or because of! - the car showed promise. Freddy Loix was leading the rally until he retired with a broken suspension. But then, not a surprising move in Volkswagen history, but a surprising move when it comes on drivers initiative, both Polo S2000 team drivers left the team on the spot and carried on the season in Fiats!

In one aspect the Volkswagen Polo S2000 was outstanding. It wouldn't help its performance but would make the car likely more loved between fans: while virtually all other S2000 cars sounded somewhat tinny, only the Polo had a real bark to it and probably was the loudest S2000 car of the lot.

However there was also a negative aspect. Without any works support René Georges Rallye Sport, short RGRS, eventually went bankrupt. In the end only 7 European Polo S2000 were made. Chassis 007 "1-AYH-660" wasn't even ever rallied when RGRS went into liquiditation. But worse even, chassis 003 "VYF-589" was written off in a test crash that killed engineer Hans Goudezeune. With chassis 003 written off and chassis 006 going to Hungary, all remaining Polo S2000 including unused 007 with the bankruptcy of RGRS went to former Belgian championship driver Gaby Goudezeune - what an incredible man! Yes he is the father of engineer Hans Goudezeune. But while his son was killed in one of the Polos, Gaby kept the Polo S2000 story alife as long as possible, in his own words in memory of his son.

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Volkswagen Polo (4F) Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
Volkswagen Polo (4F) S2000 (07-22) 282/8250 0 3916.1800.1467 1200 (4.25) 4x4 (2465)

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Volkswagen Polo (4F) Results

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
17th. 2013 IRC Ypres Rally T. van den Abeele S. Vyncke #25 [UNKNOWN] 2:50:19.6
13th. 2012 IRC Ypres Rally T. van den Abeele V. van Quickenborne #26 [UNKNOWN] 2:52:15.6
4th. 2008 IRC Ypres Rally B. Casier F. Miclotte #19 [UNKNOWN] 2:46:14.8
10th. 2008 IRC Ypres Rally R. Auquier . UNKNOWN #21 [UNKNOWN] 2:52:22.4
11th. 2007 IRC Ypres Rally T. Czopik G. Zagorii #21 [UNKNOWN] 2:49:49.6

Volkswagen Polo (4F) Retirements

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 2013 IRC Ypres Rally V. Verschueren F. Caesemaeker #17 [UNKNOWN] SS3 crash
Ret. 2013 IRC Jänner Rallye K. Rosenberger . UNKNOWN #17 [UNKNOWN] SS3 electrics
Ret. 2012 IRC Ypres Rally V. Verschueren S. Vanassche #19 [UNKNOWN] SS18 suspension
Ret. 2011 IRC Prime Yalta Rally L. Vizin G. Sziros #15 [UNKNOWN] SS4 engine
Ret. 2009 IRC Ypres Rally P. Snijers C. Cokelaere #9 [UNKNOWN] SS6 suspension
Ret. 2009 IRC Rallye Acores J. Maurin S. le Gars #12 [UNKNOWN] SS10 engine
Ret. 2009 IRC Safari Rally L. Verlaque M. Verlaque #11 [UNKNOWN] SS3 suspension
Ret. 2008 IRC Rallye San Remo B. Casier F. Miclotte #28 [UNKNOWN] SS6 suspension
Ret. 2008 IRC Barum Rally Zlin B. Casier F. Miclotte #21 [UNKNOWN] SS11 crash
Ret. 2007 IRC Ypres Rally F. Loix R. Buysmans #9 [UNKNOWN] SS10 engine