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There seems a bit of a question mark on Toyota in S2000. The Corolla S2000R has been developed in South Africa as one of the first S2000 cars. It only appeared briefly in Europe and proved soon to have a weight and power disadvantage on the S2000 opposition, though in South Africa against the Volkswagen S2000 the car works well.

Still, like the last generation Corolla, the Auris S2000 is also developed by the same people in South Africa and it took a while until we would see the car in an international event, Rally Australia 2009. Here it was run by Toyota legend Neil Bates, who also runs these cars in the Australian championship. In Europe the Auris S2000 is yet to be seen.

Question mark also for names. The ZRE in the Auris model generation code should indicate a new engine, but the Auris S2000 engine has the same weak data as the ZZE Corolla S2000R one. And in the Australian WRC event the car was actually entered as a Corolla!

This last aspect could lead us once again to the discussion of us identifying a new generation as a different model in this database. To be honest, the Japanese were maybe never the greatest in classic designs, but had it not been for a name change, I personally would have thought of the no-name name Auris (E140) as a very minor facelift to the Corolla (E120). I really can't spot any distinctive difference! In fact, if you look through the datasheets, the Auris is 4cm longer and 3cm higher, but they even share the exact same wheelbase and such likely floorpan. Yet in most countries this car came with a new marketing name. In Japan and Asia it is still called the Corolla, but in most other countries it is now the Auris. This probably was not a clever idea, because I don't think any Corolla model has sold as badly in Europe as this Auris does. And that despite the very minor changes, so really a name thing?

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Model & Evo. (Activity)
Toyota Auris (E140) (ZRE141) S2000 (09-22) 260/8000 240/8500 4220.1800.1505 1265 (4.9) 4x4 (2600)

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 2009 WRC Rally Australia (NSW) N. Bates C. Taylor #60 [UNKNOWN] SS19 radiator
Ret. 2009 WRC Rally Australia (NSW) N. Bates C. Taylor #60 [UNKNOWN] SS29 oil pipe
Ret. 2009 WRC Rally Australia (NSW) S. Reid M. Stacey #66 [UNKNOWN] SS8 propshaft