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Hyundai i20 (new) Results

This is an unofficial Car Results list and may be incomplete.

Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
3rd. 2016 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #3 [UNKNOWN] 3:53:11
6th. 2016 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo D. Sordo M. Marti #4 [UNKNOWN] 4:00:28.6
2nd. 2016 WRC Swedish Rally H. Paddon J. Kennard #4 [UNKNOWN] 2:00:17.2
6th. 2016 WRC Swedish Rally D. Sordo M. Marti #20 [UNKNOWN] 2:02:11.4
14th. 2016 WRC Swedish Rally T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #3 [UNKNOWN] 2:06:58.1
4th. 2016 WRC Rally Mexico D. Sordo M. Marti #4 [UNKNOWN] 4:31:35.3
5th. 2016 WRC Rally Mexico H. Paddon J. Kennard #20 [UNKNOWN] 4:32:20
1st. 2016 WRC Rally Argentina H. Paddon J. Kennard #20 [UNKNOWN] 3:40:52.9
4th. 2016 WRC Rally Argentina D. Sordo M. Marti #4 [UNKNOWN] 3:42:10
6th. 2016 WRC Rally Argentina T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #3 [UNKNOWN] 3:50:22.4
4th. 2016 WRC Rallye de Portugal D. Sordo M. Marti #4 [UNKNOWN] 4:00:38.1
29th. 2016 WRC Rallye de Portugal T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #20 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
1st. 2016 WRC Rally Sardinia Italy T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #20 [UNKNOWN] 3:35:25.8
4th. 2016 WRC Rally Sardinia Italy D. Sordo M. Marti #4 [UNKNOWN] 3:38:19.8
3rd. 2016 WRC Rally Poland H. Paddon J. Kennard #4 [UNKNOWN] 2:38:2.9
4th. 2016 WRC Rally Poland T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #3 [UNKNOWN] 2:38:3.7
5th. 2016 WRC Rally of Finland H. Paddon J. Kennard #4 [UNKNOWN] 2:39:54
4th. 2016 WRC Rally of Finland T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #3 [UNKNOWN] 2:39:51.7
9th. 2016 WRC Rally of Finland K. Abbring S. Marshall #20 [UNKNOWN] 2:43:28.2
2nd. 2016 WRC Rallye Deutschland D. Sordo M. Marti #4 [UNKNOWN] 2:60:47
3rd. 2016 WRC Rallye Deutschland T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #3 [UNKNOWN] 2:60:47.1
5th. 2016 WRC Rallye Deutschland H. Paddon J. Kennard #20 [UNKNOWN] 3:04:1.5
2nd. 2016 WRC Tour de Corse T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #3 [UNKNOWN] 4:08:3.4
6th. 2016 WRC Tour de Corse H. Paddon J. Kennard #20 [UNKNOWN] 4:09:53.1
7th. 2016 WRC Tour de Corse D. Sordo M. Marti #4 [UNKNOWN] 4:10:23.9
2nd. 2016 WRC Rallye Catalunya D. Sordo M. Marti #4 [UNKNOWN] 3:13:19.2
3rd. 2016 WRC Rallye Catalunya T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #3 [UNKNOWN] 3:14:18.6
4th. 2016 WRC Rallye Catalunya H. Paddon J. Kennard #20 [UNKNOWN] 3:14:31.4
3rd. 2016 WRC Rally of Great Britain T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #3 [UNKNOWN] 3:16:5.6
4th. 2016 WRC Rally of Great Britain H. Paddon J. Kennard #20 [UNKNOWN] 3:16:25.1
6th. 2016 WRC Rally of Great Britain D. Sordo M. Marti #4 [UNKNOWN] 3:18:32.8
3rd. 2016 WRC Rally Australia (NSW) T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #3 [UNKNOWN] 2:47:18.3
4th. 2016 WRC Rally Australia (NSW) H. Paddon J. Kennard #4 [UNKNOWN] 2:47:32.4
5th. 2016 WRC Rally Australia (NSW) D. Sordo M. Marti #20 [UNKNOWN] 2:47:34

Hyundai i20 (new) Retirements

This is an unofficial Car Model Retirements list and may be incomplete.

Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 2016 WRC Rally Poland D. Sordo M. Marti #10 [UNKNOWN] SS20 crash
Ret. 2016 WRC Rally Sardinia Italy H. Paddon J. Kennard #3 [UNKNOWN] SS7 crash
Ret. 2016 WRC Rallye de Portugal H. Paddon J. Kennard #3 [UNKNOWN] SS5 crash
Ret. 2016 WRC Rallye de Portugal T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #20 [UNKNOWN] SS11 no fuel
Ret. 2016 WRC Rally Mexico T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #3 [UNKNOWN] SS4 suspension
Ret. 2016 WRC Rally Mexico T. Neuville N. Gilsoul #3 [UNKNOWN] SS12 crash