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See also the BMC _ancient_ models and the Morris Marina. Short general story:

Well, BMC's/BL's main problem was that BMC/BL with all their sub manufacturers seemed to be unable to make up their mind which rally car should they concentrate on after the long and successful Mini story. And that was not for a lack of competitive base cars, but for having masses of them to choose from, but all of different configuration than the Mini. The Mini was a winner until 1967. In 1968 there was a short, unsuccessful spell with the Austin Maxi, followed by experiments with the Maxi's bigger sister, the Austin 1800. The Austin 1800 actually came 2nd in the London-Sydney Rally 1968. But by the World Cup Rally from London to Mexico 1970 it was the Triumph 2.5 PI to come 2nd. When the WRC started, BMC had 2 cars in use: the Triumph 2.5 PI's little sister, the Dolomite, but as well the Morris Marina, that was technically related to the already successful Austin 1800 (basically similar size and market braket, same engine but RWD). So the Triumph Dolomite somehow seemed to stay in the shadow of 2 successful marathon sisters.

To the Triumph Dolomite:

She seemed to have been an unloved rally car, appeared rarely, driven by people like Brian Culcheth and Terry Kaby. One interesting note about the Triumphs is that they were obliged to be sporty. The most famous Triumph cars were their sportscars range called TR, but also models like Herald (coupé or cabrio), Vitesse, Spitfire and Stag were sporty cabrios. While they also made saloon cars, it was a bit like having a name to lose. These saloon cars were the Toledo turn Dolomite and the 2000, 2500, 2.5 PI range. Latter was an about Ford Cortina sized car, but always with straight 6-cylinder engines even in its 2000cc version. The Escort sized Dolomite at first came with an already big 1850cc engine, but soon was followed up with the 2000cc in the Sprint version. But this was not the same engine as found in the larger models, it only had 4 cylinders but with a 16v head. Strangely it still only had a single overhead cam, but the Triumph Dolomite was the first mass production road car in the world with a 16v head and therefore the mother of all DOHC 16v cars that are the norm today. You see these were quite some special cars. The Triumph 2000 to 2.5 PI (which is covered under BMC, _ancient_) competed Ford Cortina and Vauxhall Cavalier, a car size in which 6-cylinder engines was extremely rare, yet the Triumph was not available with anything less. The Dolomite competed Ford Escort and Vauxhall Chevette, cars for which 1100-1300-1600cc 8v engines were the norm, yet the Dolomite had either an 1850cc 8v or a 2000cc 16v! Being of Escort size and weight with such big engines made it very interesting for motorsports. Still, the Dolomite was more used for racing rather than rallying. For some reason it was only available as a 4-door and to my knowledge it is the only works touring car ever to be raced with a vinyl roof – how about that for style!

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Triumph Dolomite Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
Triumph Dolomite Sprint (73-76) 162/5700 175/4500 4122.1588.1372 1041 (6.4) RWD (2454)

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Triumph Dolomite Results

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
23rd. 1976 WRC Rally of Great Britain T. Kaby . UNKNOWN #87 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
16th. 1975 WRC Rally of Great Britain B. Culcheth J. Syer #28 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00

Triumph Dolomite Retirements

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 1978 WRC Rally of Great Britain T. Kaby B. Rainbow #37 [UNKNOWN] SS55 engine
Ret. 1977 WRC Rally of Great Britain T. Kaby . UNKNOWN #48 [UNKNOWN] SS66 disqualified
Ret. 1976 WRC Rally of Great Britain P. Ryan M. Nicholson #38 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1974 WRC Rally of Great Britain B. Culcheth J. Syer #22 [UNKNOWN] SS99 crash
Ret. 1974 WRC Rallye de Portugal B. Culcheth J. Syer #17 [UNKNOWN] SS99 steering