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By many regarded as simply the worst groupB car of all time! However allow me to question if this tag is not a little unfair?

On the bad side: True, however Citroën managed this, this car looked worse than the BX road car, which was an often underrated car in sleek but no-nonsense design and functionality (I actually adore the BX road car, but shouldn't a groupB version look hotter than its base?). But worse in rally terms: Citroën Sport didn't look at their successful company sister Peugeot but at Audi. In layout and spec this car reminded a lot of the first Audi Quattro of 1981. Even the engine was of similar displacement, though that may have been coincidence for the BX used the 2.2 litre Peugeot 505 Turbo unit with slightly reduced displacement to fit the 3 litre weight class (Though if it had a Peugeot engine, shouldn't they have looked closer at Peugeot in groupB?). And not only that, by the BX 4TC debut we were 5 years further on - a huge time span in groupB development. The 1981 Audi Quattro did have its problems especially in the handling department and thanks to the same engine position with the subsequent huge front overhang the BX 4TC seemed to suffer from the exact same. So, yes, we have to give that this car was never going to be a winner. You could be tempted to call it a pathetic attempt, but read on....

On the good side: Giving the above mistakes and disadvantages, the car did in fact perform surprisingly well! On its debut Philippe Wambergue was out early, but Jean-Claude Andruet was setting 7th and 8th fastest times before he crashed it. In Sweden Andruet - now what to expect from an asphalt expert on snow - managed to finish 6th. OK, critics say he was beaten by Mikael Ericsson in a groupA Audi 90 Quattro. But that was a very capable car for this event, remember in 1983 Stig Blomqvist came within 47s of victory here with an older gA 80 Quattro, beating the gB Quattros of Lasse Lampi and Michèle Mouton! In comparison, i.e. Saby in the 205 T16 or Panizzi in the 206 WRC to finish 6th in Sweden would have been an absolute sensation, remembered by everyone! So it is hard to understand why this BX 4TC result has been ignored by its critics. The other BX in Sweden lasted 24 stages before it was sidelined by a minor technical problem (not that minor, but froozen oil pipes were a common, specific problem on that very cold Swedish Rally edition, see champ Salonen/205 T16, Monte winner Toivonen/Delta S4 and RS200 debutant Blomqvist). By now Citroën realised their mistakes and took a break to carry out some further development work. Back at the Acropolis 86 unluckily two of the three cars retired in the very first stage after damaging their suspensions on rocks. But for this car's bad image you wouldn't believe just how much promise Jean-Claude Andruet showed: He was 6th quickest in SS1 & SS2, in the second one he was only 5 seconds down on rally leader at the time Kalle Grundel in the Ford RS200 and on both stages he beat eventual rally winner Juha Kankkunen in the Peugeot 205 T16!!!! But in SS3 it was again a crash to sideline the BX 4TC.

Indeed this was the last time the Citroën BX 4TC was seen on a WRC event. But this again was more down to the fact that the group B ban meant the car had no future rather than it being just plain hopeless. Maybe at WRC level not many had realised, but Citroën actually had French Championship starts with the BX 4TC still after the Acropolis and on these occasions they clearly said that the further program was subject to an FIA meeting on 27th June 1986, a meeting that then buried groupB for good.

Besides even rumours Citroën bought all 200 homologation special road cars back to save further embarrassment seem unfunded. There are many of them still circulating here:

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Citroën BX Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
Citroën BX 4TC (86-86) 380/7000 460/5500 4540.1915.1380 1150 (3) 4x4 (2612)
Citroën BX Polytechnic (83-83) 325 0 4540.1930.1380 0 (0) 4x4 (2612)

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Citroën BX Results

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
6th. 1986 WRC Swedish Rally J. Andruet A. Peuvergne #10 [UNKNOWN] 5:33:05

Citroën BX Retirements

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 1986 WRC Acropolis Rally P. Wambergue J. Vieu #17 [UNKNOWN] SS1 suspension
Ret. 1986 WRC Acropolis Rally M. Chomat D. Breton #19 [UNKNOWN] SS1 suspension
Ret. 1986 WRC Acropolis Rally J. Andruet A. Peuvergne #14 [UNKNOWN] SS3 crash
Ret. 1986 WRC Swedish Rally P. Wambergue J. Vieu #11 [UNKNOWN] SS25 oil pipe froozen
Ret. 1986 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo P. Wambergue J. Vieu #17 [UNKNOWN] SS2 suspension
Ret. 1986 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo J. Andruet A. Peuvergne #15 [UNKNOWN] SS7 crash