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An unusual sporty adventure for Citroën, the SM was regarded as a sporty version on the modern lines of the DS, but created with Maserati help! Or more accurately the engine was from Maserati while the design was really unique. Especially the front with its 6 headlights, the reg plate in between and the whole lot covered under an aerodynamically shaped transparent cover looked really unique and was other than the SM only seen in an already "de-tuned" form and later on the Renault Alpine A310. I am not exaggerating when saying the Citroën SM was a real dream sports car!

Actually one has to let this sink in a little more. The SM was not only an unusual but sporty shaped coupé, it had the DS' hydropneumatic suspension too and its unusual triple headlights layout had the inner headlights swivel with the steering wheel, as the DS had and as some 40 years later Mercedes proudly announced on their cars. When the Citroën SM got its Maserati V6 engine it was because even Maserati adored the SM in no small matter. In return for the engine the 2nd generation Maserati Quattroporte of 1974 was based on an extended SM floor pan and it had the very SM headlights, only less aerodynamically angled. The Maserati Quattroporte ended in such an unusual design that BMW turned up and bought the rights to the design, and indeed the Quattroporte side line and bonnet layout can be seen in many BMWs of the late 70s and throughout the 80s. Though BMW never took over the triple swivelling headlight layout, so the Citroën SM itself stayed forever unique.

In the sporting successes this car could not quite match the DS, even though it featured a powerful V6 engine. The SM was not a worse car than the DS in any way, but the DS was already around for ages and in fact still living on. Therefore the later and shorter living SM obviously suffered more from the arrival of more powerful competition. About reliability and its marathon abilities, there was no question mark over the SM. In fact it seemed to fit perfectly in the foot steps of the DS. A near standard group 1 version of the DS won the long and tough Moroccan Rally in 1970, a success the SM managed to repeat in 1971. However in 1973 it was again a DS model to finish 2nd on this event!

Interestingly Citroën created a group 5 prototype version of the SM as well as the DS, both basically having the boot cut off to make the cars shorter and lighter, but these versions more hit the headlines for curiosity in the looks department rather than plain results.

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Model & Evo. (Activity)
Citroën SM 27 (71-74) 170/5500 235/4000 4893.1836.1324 1450 (8.5) FWD (2950)
Citroën SM 27 Proto (72-73) 250/5750 290/4200 4300.1836.1324 1210 (4.8) FWD (2600)

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