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Seat wasn't a big works team in the old days, but when the team turned up in the mid 1970s with a batch of licence built Fiat models, they were good and famous enough to create a name for drivers like Salvador Canellas (senior), Salvador Servia and Antonio Zanini. Interestingly their yellow colour scheme was rather similar to that of the Seat Cordoba WRC some 25 years later! Unfortunately the team was not a regular outside Spain and Portugal, but as an exception on the Rally Monte Carlo 1977 they somehow managed 3rd overall with all 3 team cars finishing in the top7.

Quite likely the success came because the Seat 124 was easily the most exciting of all Fiat 124 derivates, namely Fiat 124, Seat 124, Polski 124p & Lada 1200. Note when Fiat rallied the 124 in the early 1970s leading into the early WRC, this was the very different Spider hardtop cabriolet model. Fiat also had a larger sister to the 124, the 125, with engines of 1500cc & 1600cc. Polski and Lada built equivalents, the Polski 125p and the Lada 1500. Despite its very similar cc (Seat 1438, Lada 1442) the Seat engine was a high revving short stroke, while the Lada engine was a torquier long stroke layout. In fact here the Seat engine was much closer to its Fiat origins. Still, what made the Seat so interesting is that instead of launching a Fiat 125 derivate, Seat launched the 124 1430, which is basically a Fiat 124, Polski 124p or Lada 1200 with Fiat 125, Polski 125p or Lada 1500 running gear. The Seat 1430 also had the near square twin headlights of the Fiat 125. But indeed the Seat is the only car out of this quartet combining the smaller, lighter 124 shell with the more powerful 125 running gear.

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Seat 124 Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
Seat 124 1430 (73-00) 0 0 4042.1611.1420 855 (0) RWD (2420)

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Seat 124 Results

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
3rd. 1977 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo A. Zanini J. Pestico #12 [UNKNOWN] 6:47:07
4th. 1977 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo S. Canellas D. Ferrater #18 [UNKNOWN] 6:55:03
7th. 1977 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo S. Servia J. Sabater #24 [UNKNOWN] 7:02:08
12th. 1976 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo A. Zanini J. Pestico #27 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
72nd. 1976 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo S. Canellas D. Ferrater #36 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00

Seat 124 Retirements

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 1975 WRC Rallye de Portugal S. Canellas D. Ferrater #12 [UNKNOWN] SS99 suspension