Fiat 125p Polski 600 Specifications & Profile

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Fiat 125p Polski 600 Specific Information

Official model name: Polski Fiat 126

Official model name: Polski Fiat 126


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Fiat 125p Polski 600 Specifications

Activity: (1973-1984)
BHP@ RPM 34/4700
Torque (Nm)@ RPM 51/3200
Length Width Height 3070.1380.1335
Weight (Kg/BPM Ratio) 595 ()
Transmission RWD
Engine Type
Engine Position
Engine Capacity 2
Engine Bore Rear Longitudinal
Engine Stroke 594
Engine Compression 73.5
Engine Valves 70
Engine Cams 8.0:1
Engine Carburation 2
Engine Electronics 1 UHC
Suspension carburator
Body Doors 1840
Body Type 17.5
Body Composition 2
Body Panels Hatchback
Brakes Steel
Fuel Tank 0

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