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CY day1 - Super dramatic start - Just In

  • What a stage, 6km town centre start-finish stage with gravel bits. Al Attiyah hit something and has overheating, Kajetan broken steering, holding up Breen, Tlustak & Orsak with broken wheels, hardly anyone without problems on this short spectacle! Results after day1 (SS1):
    1st= Al Rajhi/Orr, Ford, 5m04s1;
    2nd= Consani/Vilmot, Peugeot, +2s8;
    3rd= Al Qassimi/Patterson, Citroen, +4s;
    4th= Al Kuwari/Duffy, Ford, +6s7;
    5th= Magalhaes/Magalhaes, Peugeot(T16), +8s;
    6th= Breen/Martin, Peugeot(T16), +10s;
    7th= Al Attiyah/Bernacchini, Ford, +12s6;
    8th= Polykarpou/Winter, Mitsubishi, +21s6;
    9th= Hudec/Picka, Mitsubishi, +22s2;
    =10th= Pushkar/Mishyn, Mitsubishi, +22s9 Read more soon.

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