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  • CH SS1 - 23/10/2014 15:07:00 : Stage re-started heavily delayed. Magalhaes out of the rally. Breen said he was sliding a lot. Lappi took it careful. Abbring wins stage and leads rally, surprisingly ahead of Wiegand. Results after SS1:
    1st= Abbring/Marshall, Peugeot(T16), 5m13;
    2nd= Wiegand/Christian, Skoda, +2s1;
    3rd= Hirschi/Landais, Peugeot(T16), +3s8;
    4th= Burri/Ferrero, Ford, +3s9;
    5th= Kajetanowicz/Baran, Ford, +4s2;
    6th= Carron/Revaz, Peugeot, +5s1;
    7th= Lappi/Ferm, Skoda, +5s6;
    8th= Consani/Vilmot, Peugeot, +9s9;
    9th= Perroud/Marchand, Skoda, +10s9;
    =10th= Tarabus/Trunkat, Skoda, +11s Read more soon.
  • CH SS1 - interim report - 23/10/2014 14:11:00 : Dramatic start to Valais! Bruno Magalhaes chose to start 1st on the road. About 1km into SS1 n incident is reported. Magalhaes skidded on ice and hit a rock face. Both crew are OK but the car blocks the road. SS1 is halted before the 2nd car even started! Read more soon.

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