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Rally Honour Roll

Year Class Place Driver
2000 WRC World Rally Car 18th. Tapio. Laukkanen (2pts)

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Career Results :

Pos Event Co-Driver # Vehicle Rego
9th. 2001 WRC Rallye de Portugal K. Lindström #25 Toyota Corolla (E100)  [UNKNOWN]
23rd. 2001 WRC Rally of Finland K. Lindström #79 Volkswagen Golf (4)  [UNKNOWN]
5th. 2000 WRC Rally Australia (WA) K. Lindström #19 Ford Focus (Mk1) WRC [UNKNOWN]
10th. 1999 WRC Tour de Corse K. Lindström #23 Renault Mégane (1)  [UNKNOWN]
13th. 1999 WRC Rally of Finland K. Lindström #27 Renault Mégane (1)  [UNKNOWN]
19th. 1999 WRC Rally Australia (WA) K. Lindström #31 Renault Mégane (1)  [UNKNOWN]
18th. 1998 WRC Tour de Corse T. Jarvi #15 Renault Mégane (1)  [UNKNOWN]
12th. 1998 WRC Rally of Great Britain K. Lindström #25 Renault Mégane (1)  [UNKNOWN]
19th. 1997 WRC Swedish Rally R. Mannisenmäki #22 Volkswagen Golf (3)  [UNKNOWN]
11th. 1997 WRC Rally of Finland R. Mannisenmäki #23 Volkswagen Golf (3)  [UNKNOWN]
12th. 1995 WRC Rally of Great Britain R. Mannisenmäki #22 Volkswagen Golf (3)  [UNKNOWN]

Career Retirements :

Pos Event Co-Driver # Vehicle Rego Reason
Ret. 2003 WRC Rally of Great Britain I. Riipinen #38 Subaru Impreza (44S)  [UNKNOWN] SS8 gearbox
Ret. 2001 WRC Swedish Rally K. Lindström #21 Toyota Corolla (E100)  [UNKNOWN] SS6 crash
Ret. 2000 WRC Rally of Great Britain K. Lindström #18 Ford Focus (Mk1)  [UNKNOWN] SS16 crash
Ret. 2000 WRC Rally of Finland K. Lindström #19 Ford Focus (Mk1)  [UNKNOWN] SS17 engine
Ret. 1999 WRC Rally of Great Britain K. Lindström #23 Renault Mégane (1)  [UNKNOWN] SS19 withdrawn
Ret. 1999 WRC Rallye San Remo K. Lindström #39 Renault Mégane (1)  [UNKNOWN] SS3 engine
Ret. 1999 WRC Rallye de Portugal K. Lindström #35 Renault Mégane (1)  [UNKNOWN] SS5 suspension
Ret. 1998 WRC Rallye San Remo T. Jarvi #35 Renault Mégane (1)  [UNKNOWN] SS21 given up
Ret. 1998 WRC Rally of Finland T. Jarvi #26 Renault Mégane (1)  [UNKNOWN] SS4 crash
Ret. 1996 WRC Rally of Finland R. Mannisenmäki #35 Volkswagen Golf (3)  [UNKNOWN] SS8 engine
Ret. 1994 WRC Rally of Finland . UNKNOWN #28 Mitsubishi Galant  [UNKNOWN] SS24 engine

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