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George Donaldson Career Summary

George Donaldson is known today as a sales executive of Prodrive, so he likes visiting that radio as he can advertise his cars like that. I think that is maybe even the reason why Prodrive takes him to the events. He mainly sells groupN cars. I don't know of many other teams being like that. If I sell a rally car, then it is sold, why should I be on the events? Actually I had good customer care at Peugeot, they have the cup. But look at Mitsubishi, every weekend there are probably 5-6 events with groupN cars Ralli Art sold, they can't be everywhere. If I sell cars and parts I should be there for everyone at a central point, my office. Plus if it was so important for him to be with his customers, why is he then always in that sudio and not with his customers?

I keep saying it annoys me how George Donaldson always sits in that radio and tells how wonderful Subaru is. But it annoys me for that radio allowing such bias. They don't talk of any other car, not even when a driver who has changed cars suddenly is faster or slower. I think throughout Rally GB 2007 (when writing this) Ford and Citroen got not even 10 mentions, and they pay for WRC too.

As far as George Donaldson goes, kudos to him! I sell rally cars of a certain make against other makes and I get the chance to sit in that radio day in day out and advertise my product and don't have to pay a penny? Hey yeah! I would do it exactly as George does it!

Today nobody knows George had the most crazy rally career!

Once upon a time there was a time we had proper rallies and proper promotion for this sport.... LOL, hint, hint! Actually from a German point of view I found that story crazy even back then, that's why I remember it so well.

Actually I'm writing this off my head from memories once upon a time, please correct me as some details may be wrong.

I think in the early 1980s George did a few national rallies in a Mk1 Fiesta 1100 or so. Then the BBC Radio did a competition. 1st price was a fully paid entry with car provided for the RAC 1987. Imagine we had days like that! And George Donaldson won 1st price! Admittedly he had previous experience, but it can't have been much. If my memory serves right, part of the BBC price was doing a school for their winner to get an international licence, without which he wouldn't even have been allowed to start the rally. The car was a loaned groupN Ford Sierra Cosworth RWD. For all that it is not so surprising the price winner got a low seeding, car N°110. I think George was helped maybe for in the first year after groupB groupN was not that strong and on this event the favourits retired. Nevertheless, this was his first international rally and he was there for winning a BBC Radio competition - and won groupN and was 15th overall!!!!

Thereafter his career took a twist. This was the end of the price drive, George maybe found sponsoring and did the BRC 1988 and the RAC 1988 with a groupN Sierra Cosworth, but had a rotten season with many crashes and retirements. It was about that time Toyota built up a UK operation to run David Llewellin in a Celica. George Donaldson applied for a job as parts manager, he later did that same job at TTE World Rally team. And that is how he ended up in that Subaru position today....

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Rally Honour Roll

Year Class Place Driver
1987 WRC Group N 66th. George. Donaldson (13pts)

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Career Results :

Pos Event Co-Driver # Vehicle Rego
15th. 1987 WRC Rally of Great Britain F. Gallagher #110 Ford Sierra (Mk1) Cosworth [UNKNOWN]

Career Retirements :

Pos Event Co-Driver # Vehicle Rego Reason
Ret. 1988 WRC Rally of Finland C. Wood #53 Ford Sierra (Mk1) Cosworth [UNKNOWN] SS23 ?
Ret. 1988 WRC Swedish Rally . UNKNOWN #89 Ford Sapphire (Mk1) Cosworth [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?

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