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James Rae Career Summary

James Rae, also sometimes called Jimmy Rae. Here is mega potential for misunderstanding! James Rae is from Scotland and became a mega ambassador of his country. Once he got his hands on a famous ex-works Ford Escort RS1600 "OOO  97M", he was the man to beat in the Scottish Rally Championship in the early 1970s, winning the title several times. However he is not related and not to be mistaken for James or Jimmy McRae, the "Mc" being the all important difference here!

James Rae Career Statistics

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Career Results :

Pos Event Co-Driver # Vehicle Rego
28th. 1979 WRC Rally of Great Britain B. Coyle #58 Audi 80  [UNKNOWN]
18th. 1974 WRC Rally of Great Britain . UNKNOWN #44 Ford Escort (Mk1)  [UNKNOWN]

Career Retirements :

Pos Event Co-Driver # Vehicle Rego Reason
Ret. 1974 WRC Rallye San Remo H. Liddon #49 Ford Escort (Mk1)  [UNKNOWN] SS99 disqualified

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