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Franz jr. Wittmann Career Summary

This data is from a Franz Wittmann press release before joining the IRC 2009, of which you find all info here.


Born on/in: 27 October 1983, Lilienfeld, Austria
Resident in: 1090 Vienna, Austria
Profession: Student of Business Administration
Marital status: Single
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 67 kilograms
Hobbies: Racing, skiing, golfing
Favourite drink: Apple juice
Favourite food: Steaks
Favourite music: Rock music
Favourite book: Technical books
Idol: Walter Röhrl and my father, Franz Wittmann sen.
Languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish
Motor sports since: 2003

Sporting career:

2003 Debut at Waldviertel Rally, Mitsubishi Evo VI (N4), 13th in total
2004 Rally Sprint, 2nd Group N, 3rd in total
 World Championship debut at Sweden Rally
2005 Triestingtal Rally, 1st Group N, 2nd in total
2006 Triestingtal Rally, 1st in total
2007 Jänner Rally, 3rd in total
 Pirelli Rally, 2nd in total
 Bosch Rally, 1st in total
2008 Jänner Rally, 5th in total
 Pirelli Rally, 2nd in total
 Triestingtal Rally, 2nd in total
 Bosch Rally, 3rd in total
 BP Ultimate Rally, 3rd in total
 Pirelli Star Driver Shoot Out, Austrian representative
 Waldviertel Rally, 2nd in total
 Vice National Champion Division I


Franz jr. Wittmann Career Statistics

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Rally Honour Roll

Year Class Place Driver
2009 IRC Group N 14th. Franz jr.. Wittmann (7pts)

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Career Results :

Pos Event Co-Driver # Vehicle Rego
17th. 2010 WRC Rallye Deutschland K. Wicha #61 Peugeot 207  [UNKNOWN]
11th. 2010 IRC Barum Rally Zlin K. Wicha #17 Peugeot 207  [UNKNOWN]
6th. 2009 IRC Rallye Acores B. Ettel #11 Mitsubishi Lancer (Cedia) EvoIX [UNKNOWN]
6th. 2009 IRC Rally Russia B. Ettel #7 Mitsubishi Lancer (Cedia) EvoIX [UNKNOWN]
15th. 2009 IRC Barum Rally Zlin B. Ettel #25 Mitsubishi Lancer (Cedia) EvoIX [UNKNOWN]
12th. 2009 IRC Rallye Asturias B. Ettel #14 Mitsubishi Lancer (Cedia) EvoIX [UNKNOWN]
20th. 2009 IRC Rallye San Remo B. Ettel #27 Mitsubishi Lancer (Cedia) EvoIX [UNKNOWN]

Career Retirements :

Pos Event Co-Driver # Vehicle Rego Reason
Ret. 2010 IRC Cyprus Rally J. Beinke #6 Peugeot 207  [UNKNOWN] SS5 suspension
Ret. 2010 IRC Rally Sardinia Italy K. Wicha #9 Peugeot 207  [UNKNOWN] SS5 crash
Ret. 2010 IRC Rally Islas Canarias K. Wicha #9 Peugeot 207  [UNKNOWN] SS11 crash
Ret. 2010 IRC Rallye Monte Carlo K. Wicha #12 Peugeot 207  [UNKNOWN] SS13 crash
Ret. 2009 IRC Ypres Rally B. Ettel #19 Mitsubishi Lancer (Cedia) EvoIX [UNKNOWN] SS9 transmission
Ret. 2009 IRC Rallye Monte Carlo B. Ettel #23 Mitsubishi Lancer (Cedia) EvoIX [UNKNOWN] SS11 turbo
Ret. 2004 WRC Swedish Rally P. Müller #93 Mitsubishi Lancer (Carisma) EvoVI [UNKNOWN] SS13 suspension

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