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Country Driver First Name Driver Last Name Activity
Norway Erik Aaby (73-81)
Sweden Fredrik Aahlin (11-22)
Sweden Jerry Aahlin (55-55)
Sweden Rune Aahlin (55-55)
Finland Rauno Aaltonen (73-87)
Norway Marius Aasen (55-55)
Estonia Urmo Aava (02-22)
Netherlands Kevin Abbring (55-55)
Argentina Sebastian Abramian (55-55)
New Zealand Paul Adams (79-0)
Sweden Mattias Adielsson (55-55)
Italy Andrea Aghini (88-55)
Finland Kalevi Aho (81-0)
Austria Andreas Aigner (06-22)
Finland Pentti Airikkala (73-90)
United Kingdom Louise Aitken-Walker (85-0)
Qatar Nasser Al Attiyah (55-55)
Qatar Saeed Al Hajri (84-0)
United Arab Emirates Rashid Al Ketbi (11-22)
Qatar Abdulaziz Al Kuwari (55-55)
Qatar Misfer Al Marri (55-55)
United Arab Emirates Khalid Al Qassimi (55-55)
Saudi Arabia Yazeed Al Rajhi (10-22)
Qatar Khalid Al Suwaidi (55-55)
Oman Hamed Al Wahaibi (98-03)
Kenya *Unknown Alam (82-0)
Argentina Ricardo Albertengo (80-0)
France Laurent Albertini (90-90)
Italy Stefano Albertini (55-55)
Argentina Francisco Alcuaz (80-0)
Finland Anton Alen (05-22)
Finland Markku Alen (73-92)
France Jean Alesi (90-90)
Italy Paolo Alessandrini (86-55)
New Zealand Neil Allport (86-55)
France Jacques Almeras (76-0)
Spain Daniel Alonso (97-55)
Switzerland Nicolas Althaus (55-55)
Portugal Inverno Amaral (88-88)
France Alain Ambrosino (79-79)
France Jérémi Ancian (55-55)
Sweden Lars-Göran Andersson (55-55)
Sweden Leif Andersson (55-55)
Sweden Ove Andersson (73-80)
Sweden Per-Gunnar Andersson (03-22)
Sweden Stig Andervang (84-0)
Italy Fabio Andolfi (55-55)
Italy Paolo Andreucci (0-0)
France Jean-Claude Andruet (73-86)
Kenya Steve Anthony (55-55)
France Benoit Antoine (89-55)
Cyprus Stavros Antoniou (55-55)
Russia Oleg Antropov (55-55)
Spain Gorka Antxustegi (55-55)
Kenya Asad Anwar (55-55)
Kenya Azar Anwar (55-55)
Japan Hiroki Arai (55-55)
Japan Toshihiro Arai (0-0)
Portugal Armindo Araujo (07-22)
Portugal Jose Araujo (98-98)
Czech Republic Vaclav Arazim (55-55)
United Kingdom Ian Arden (55-55)
Spain Ivan Ares (55-55)
New Zealand Geoff Argyle (55-22)
Finland Teemu Arminen (55-55)
United Kingdom Jock Armstrong (55-55)
Finland Jouni Arolainen (55-55)
Finland Mika Arpiainen (82-86)
France Patrick Artru (07-22)
France Mathieu Arzeno (55-55)

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