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Country Driver First Name Driver Last Name Activity
Italy Fulvio Bacchelli (75-0)
Sweden Kenneth Bäcklund (93-55)
Saudi Arabia Abdullah Bakhashab (98-22)
France Bertrand Balas (82-0)
San Marino Mirco Baldacci (55-22)
France Claude Balesi (89-55)
Italy Amilcare Ballestrieri (76-0)
France Jean-Pierre Ballet (81-0)
France Claude Ballot-Lena (73-74)
Italy Sergio Barbasio (73-74)
Portugal Miguel Barbosa (55-55)
Kenya George Barbour (55-55)
Spain Mia Bardolet (91-55)
France Pierre-Cesar Baroni (88-93)
Ireland Robert Barrable (55-55)
United Kingdom Natalie Barratt (03-03)
Portugal Joao Barros (55-55)
Germany Jürgen Barth (82-0)
France Camille Bartoli (81-0)
Argentina Carlos Bassi (84-0)
Italy Giandomenico Basso (02-22)
Australia Neal Bates (91-55)
Austria Mundl Baumschlager (88-00)
Luxembourg Alain Beauchef (79-85)
France Marie-Claude Beaumont (73-74)
Germany Charly Beck (55-55)
Belgium Sébastien Bedoret (55-55)
United Kingdom George Beever (73-77)
France Bernard Beguin (74-90)
United Kingdom Derek Bell (87-88)
Australia Wayne Bell (89-00)
United Kingdom Ray Bellm (05-22)
France Alex Bengué (99-05)
Hungary Balazs Benik (03-03)
Italy Bruno Bentivogli (91-55)
Slovakia Josef Beres (03-22)
Czech Republic Vladimir Berger (90-94)
Brazil *Unknown Berges (81-0)
Sweden Emil Bergkvist (15-22)
France Nicolas Bernardi (01-22)
France Patrick Bernardini (86-55)
Italy Lorenzo Bertelli (55-55)
Argentina Jorge Bescham (55-55)
Hungary Zoltan Bessenyey (55-55)
Italy Alessandro Bettega (05-22)
Italy Attilio Bettega (79-79)
Italy Luca Betti (07-55)
France Jean-Manu Beuzelin (55-55)
Kenya Raaji Bharij (55-55)
Italy *Unknown Bianchi (75-0)
Italy Massimo Biasion (80-95)
France Mathieu Biasion (99-22)
Portugal Carlos Bica (86-55)
United Kingdom Keith Billows (74-0)
Kuwait Salah Bin Eidan (08-22)
United Arab Emirates Mohammed Bin Sulayem (87-55)
United Kingdom Paul Bird (55-55)
United Kingdom Chris Birkbeck (89-55)
Italy Giulio Bisulli (73-0)
Czech Republic Vaclav Blahna (81-0)
Spain Marc Blasquez (01-22)
United Kingdom Ashley Blenkhorn (95-95)
United States Ken Block (10-22)
United States Henry Blok (55-55)
Germany Rena Blome (81-82)
Sweden Björn Blomqvist (78-85)
Sweden Gunnar Blomqvist (55-55)
Sweden Stig Blomqvist (73-22)
Germany Gisela Blume (81-82)
United Kingdom Mark Blundell (02-02)

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