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Country Driver First Name Driver Last Name Activity
France Christine Dacremont (55-55)
United Kingdom Justin Dale (02-22)
Italy Andrea Dallavilla (93-02)
Norway Rune Dalsjo (55-55)
Ireland Richie Dalton (55-55)
Sweden Bror Danielsson (73-91)
Italy Fabio Danti (97-97)
Austria Hannes Danzinger (55-55)
France Bernard Darniche (73-81)
Italy Emmanuelle Dati (55-22)
New Zealand Paddy Davidson (86-55)
United Kingdom Simon Davison (89-55)
United Kingdom Andy Dawson (79-79)
France Priscille de Belloy (97-55)
Italy Alfredo de Dominicis (0-0)
France Roland de Libran (55-55)
Italy Paola de Martini (88-90)
Belgium Ghislain de Mevius (55-55)
Belgium Gregoire de Mevius (88-01)
Belgium Guillaume de Mevius (55-55)
France Dominique de Meyer (77-78)
Argentina Domingo de Vitta (80-0)
Netherlands Jan de Winkel (55-55)
Belgium Melissa Debackere (55-55)
France René Defour (55-55)
Italy Piergiorgio Deila (90-55)
Italy Gianni del Zoppo (79-0)
France Francois Delecour (90-02)
Switzerland Frederico Dellacasa (55-55)
Belgium Kevin Demaerschalk (55-55)
Cyprus Christos Demosthenous (55-55)
Germany Harald Demuth (79-0)
Germany Dieter Depping (97-55)
Morocco Jean Deschaseaux (73-76)
Kenya Vishnu Dhutia (55-55)
United States Chad di Marco (86-88)
Argentina Luis di Palma (84-0)
Spain Pedro Diego (92-55)
Belgium Guillaume Dilley (55-55)
Germany Dominik Dinkel (55-55)
Netherlands Erwin Doctor (93-93)
United Kingdom Marcus Dodd (97-00)
France Fabien Doenlen (92-98)
Paraguay Diego Dominguez (55-55)
New Zealand Jim Donald (80-0)
United Kingdom George Donaldson (55-55)
Bulgaria Krum Donchev (03-22)
Ireland Eugene Donnelly (07-22)
France Frédéric Dor (97-01)
France Christian Dorche (73-93)
United Kingdom Pete Doughty (55-55)
Ireland Tommy Doyle (55-55)
France Christine Driano (90-55)
Belgium Robert Droogmans (87-90)
Belgium Marc Duez (86-55)
France Romain Dumas (55-55)
Kenya Ian Duncan (86-99)
Australia Ross Dunkerton (89-55)
France Philippe Duoe (91-55)
Switzerland *Unknown Dupuis (55-55)
Belgium Didier Duquesne (55-55)
Cote DIvorie Jacques Durieu (79-83)
Belgium Francois Duval (0-0)

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