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Country Driver First Name Driver Last Name Activity
Italy Paolo Fabbri (55-55)
Italy *Unknown Fagnola (74-0)
United Kingdom Paul Falkner (55-55)
United Kingdom Tony Fall (73-0)
China Fan Fan (55-55)
Italy Antonio Farina (88-55)
Italy Alessandro Fassina (87-93)
Italy Tony Fassina (76-0)
Russia Boris Fedotov (55-55)
Lebanon Roger Feghali (55-55)
Luxembourg Romain Feitler (82-91)
Belgium Adrian Fernemont (55-55)
Peru Ramon Ferreyros (0-0)
Germany Friedrich Fh von der Leyen (75-78)
Kenya Bruce Field (55-55)
Portugal Mario Figueredo (55-55)
United Kingdom Stephen Finley (00-22)
France Bernard Fiorentino (73-76)
France Guy Fiori (91-55)
Italy Alessandro Fiorio (0-0)
Austria Georg Fischer (88-88)
Austria Martin Fischerlehner (55-55)
United Kingdom Alastair Fisher (55-55)
United Kingdom Bertie Fisher (84-0)
United Kingdom Mark Fisher (99-00)
Sweden Patrick Flodin (55-55)
Italy Corrado Fontana (07-55)
Portugal José-Pedro Fontes (55-55)
France Adrien Fourmaux (55-55)
United Kingdom Tony Fowkes (75-0)
United Kingdom Paul Frankland (90-55)
France Richard Frau (87-55)
United Kingdom Iain Freestone (55-55)
Portugal Filipe Freitas (55-55)
France Guy Fréquelin (78-87)
Kenya Bill Fritschy (55-55)
Germany Klaus Fritzinger (73-90)
Peru Nicolas Fuchs (55-55)
Japan Yoshio Fujimoto (88-55)
United Kingdom Kevin Furber (90-55)
New Zealand George Fury (80-0)
Spain Miguel Fuster (96-22)

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