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Country Driver First Name Driver Last Name Activity
Belgium Pascal Gaban (87-55)
Kenya Steve Gacheru (55-55)
Portugal Diogo Gago (55-55)
Paraguay Marco Galanti (97-55)
Cyprus Simos Galatariotis (55-55)
Switzerland Antonio Galli (07-22)
Italy Gigi Galli (98-22)
Greece Evangelos Gallo (55-55)
Italy Matteo Gamba (55-55)
France Jean-Claude Gamet (73-0)
Spain Christian Garcia (55-55)
Argentina Nestor Garcia (80-0)
France Christian Gardavot (55-55)
Finland Toni Gardemeister (02-02)
France Paul Gardère (55-55)
Spain Oscar Garre (55-55)
Argentina Carlos Garro (80-0)
Italy Frederico Gasperetti (55-55)
Germany Hermann Gaßner (55-01)
Germany Hermann jr. Gaßner (07-22)
France Dominique Gauthier (85-85)
France Christian Gazaud (91-91)
Finland Peter Geitel (75-90)
Germany Michael Gerber (89-91)
Belgium Polle Geusens (55-55)
France Quentin Gilbert (12-22)
India Gaurav Gill (55-55)
Switzerland Olivier Gillet (00-22)
New Zealand Emma Gilmour (55-55)
United Kingdom Alistair Ginley (03-03)
France Quentin Giordano (55-55)
Lithuania Kastitis Girdauskas (0-0)
Kenya Sushil Gohil (55-55)
Spain Oriol Gomez (93-55)
Switzerland Florian Gonon (55-55)
United Kingdom Russell Gooding (55-55)
United Kingdom Adam Gould (55-55)
Kenya Robert Gow (55-55)
Spain Ruben Gracia (55-55)
France Henri Gréder (73-76)
New Zealand Brian Green (79-22)
Kenya Rory Green (55-02)
New Zealand Tony Green (55-55)
United Kingdom Gus Greensmith (15-22)
United Kingdom Jonathan Greer (55-55)
Germany Marijan Griebel (55-55)
Austria Werner Grissmann (84-0)
Norway Anders Grondal (04-22)
Finland Marcus Grönholm (02-02)
Finland Ulf Grönholm (73-79)
Sweden Kalle Grundel (78-90)
Russia Nikolay Gryazin (55-55)
Russia Vasily Gryazin (13-22)
Poland Gregory Grzyb (55-55)
Mexico Benito Guerra (55-55)
Australia Michael Guest (98-55)
France Pierre-Antoine Guglielmi (55-55)
France Jean Guichet (55-55)
France Emmanuel Guigou (99-22)
Spain David Guixeras (99-22)
Sweden Lasse Gundler (87-88)
Sweden Aake Gustavsson (55-55)
Bulgaria Peter Gyoshev (55-55)

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