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Country Driver First Name Driver Last Name Activity
Germany Sven Haaf (02-22)
Poland Lukasz Habaj (55-55)
South Africa Janny Habig (94-55)
Hungary Andreas Hadik (55-55)
Finland Pasi Hagström (0-0)
Austria Sepp Haider (77-0)
Germany Reinhard Hainbach (55-55)
Switzerland Claude Haldi (73-81)
United Kingdom Doug Hall (55-55)
United States Rodney Hall (81-81)
Finland Kyösti Hämäläinen (73-88)
Finland Juho Hänninen (06-22)
Tanzania Navraj Hans (55-55)
Finland Olli Harkki (94-55)
Austria Beppo Harrach (02-22)
Austria Ernst Harrach (91-55)
Norway John Haugland (79-90)
France Bernard Hauser (55-55)
New Zealand Andrew Hawkeswood (55-55)
United Kingdom Robbie Head (90-55)
Kenya Jim Heather-Hayes (11-55)
Finland Eeva Heinonen (73-74)
Canada Taisto Heinonen (55-55)
Finland Timo Heinonen (78-0)
Chile Alberto Heller (18-22)
Chile Pedro Heller (17-22)
Kenya John Hellier (80-0)
Kenya Rob Hellier (55-55)
Switzerland Cyril Henny (98-55)
United Kingdom Desi Henry (55-55)
France Jacques Henry (75-0)
Germany Felix Herbold (55-55)
Hungary Norbert Herczig (55-55)
Sweden Jennie-Lee Hermansson (99-99)
Argentina Hugo Hernandez (84-0)
Germany Manfred Hero (86-86)
Australia Dean Herridge (03-03)
Australia Robert Herridge (92-55)
Germany Edgar Herrmann (55-55)
South Africa Jan Hettema (55-55)
Spain Alberto Hevia (55-55)
United Kingdom David Higgins (94-55)
United Kingdom Mark Higgins (0-0)
United Kingdom George Hill (80-80)
United Kingdom Steve Hill (94-99)
Kenya Robin Hillyar (73-0)
Uganda Karim Hirji (55-55)
Switzerland Jonathan Hirschi (14-22)
Finland Mikko Hirvonen (02-22)
United Kingdom Harry Hockly (55-55)
France Marianne Hoepfner (74-0)
Germany Isolde Holderied (92-99)
Ireland Richie Holfeld (55-55)
Sweden Mats Holmbom (83-83)
Poland Krzysztof Holowczyc (55-55)
Germany Ronald Holzer (89-92)
Ireland Paddy Hopkirk (94-94)
Kenya Alex Horsey (55-55)
Kenya David Horsey (84-0)
Kenya Peter Horsey (55-55)
Switzerland Grégoire Hotz (55-55)
United Kingdom Will Hoy (94-98)
Czech Republic Thomas Hrdinka (01-22)
China Qingxian Hua (55-55)
China Xuming Huang (55-55)
Slovenia Alex Humar (55-55)
United Kingdom Harry Hunt (10-22)
Kenya Peter Huth (73-0)
Finland Jari Huttunen (55-55)

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