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Country Driver First Name Driver Last Name Activity
France Jean-Claude Lagniez (73-73)
Finland Antero Laine (75-92)
Finland Lasse Lampi (80-0)
Finland Simo Lampinen (73-79)
United Kingdom Rudi Lancaster (94-94)
Belgium Jonas Langenakens (55-55)
Finland Esapekka Lappi (12-22)
France Gerard Larrousse (74-0)
Norway Frank-Tore Larsen (55-55)
France Pierre Lartigue (88-88)
South Africa Henk Lategan (55-55)
Finland Jari Latvala (84-01)
Finland Jari-Matti Latvala (02-22)
Finland Tapio Laukkanen (95-22)
France Claude Laurent (76-0)
France Dominique Laurent (55-55)
United Kingdom Mark Lawn (93-93)
France Francis Leandri (55-55)
France Jean-Mathieu Leandri (55-55)
France Stéphane Lefebvre (55-55)
France Jean-Claude Lefèbvre (73-81)
Belgium Andy Lefevere (55-55)
Finland Pertti Lehtonen (73-73)
Spain Yeray Lemes (55-55)
United Kingdom John Leppard (55-55)
France Jean-Louis Leyraud (80-00)
Spain Fernando Lezama (55-55)
Italy Piero Liatti (0-0)
Belgium Paul Lietaer (55-55)
Hong Kong Michael Lieu (88-55)
Argentina Marcos Ligato (0-0)
Sweden Haakan Lindberg (73-0)
Finland Emil Lindholm (17-22)
Finland Sebastian Lindholm (84-22)
Finland Jonas Lindroos (04-12)
Kenya Hugh Lionnet (73-73)
United Kingdom Peter Littler (55-22)
United Kingdom David Llewellin (84-0)
Andorra Albert Llovera (01-22)
United Kingdom John Lloyd (99-99)
France Sébastien Loeb (02-22)
Belgium Freddy Loix (02-02)
Italy Piero Longhi (93-55)
Portugal Adruzilo Lopes (97-55)
Belgium Alain Lopes (89-55)
Portugal Vitor Lopes (55-55)
Spain Pepe Lopez (55-55)
United Kingdom Chris Lord (80-86)
Italy Livio Lorenzelli (76-76)
France Pierre-Louis Loubet (15-22)
France Yves Loubet (77-0)
Cyprus Doros Loucaides (55-55)
United Kingdom Mark Lovell (84-89)
France Jean-Paul Luc (75-81)
Russia Alexey Lukyanuk (55-55)
Sweden Elias Lundberg (55-55)
Denmark Henrik Lundgaard (97-01)

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