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Country Driver First Name Driver Last Name Activity
China Hanping Ma (55-55)
Portugal Jose-Carlos Macedo (94-55)
Argentina Manuel Machinea (55-55)
Portugal Paulo Maciel (55-55)
Portugal Rui Madeira (92-01)
Argentina Nicolas Madero (55-55)
Portugal Bruno Magalhaes (01-22)
Portugal Joao Magalhaes (55-55)
France Patrick Magaud (97-55)
Argentina Jorge Maggi (80-0)
Argentina *Unknown Maglione (80-0)
Italy Renzo Magnani (55-55)
Finland Kauku Mäkelä (73-86)
Finland Timo Mäkelä (76-90)
Finland Timo Mäkinen (73-81)
Finland Tommi Mäkinen (87-03)
France Jean-Pierre Malcher (77-82)
United Kingdom Colin Malkin (73-75)
Italy Giovanni Manfrinato (0-0)
France Jean-Marc Manzagol (55-55)
France Jean-Pierre Manzagol (74-22)
Argentina Juan Marchetto (09-22)
Poland Mikolaj Marczyk (55-55)
Czech Republic Filip Mares (55-55)
France Francois Mariani (97-55)
Finland Jaakko Markkula (73-85)
Spain Angel Marrero (55-55)
Italy Stefano Marrini (0-0)
New Zealand Craig Marshall (95-55)
New Zealand Nick Marshall (55-55)
France Charles Martin (55-55)
Estonia Markko Märtin (97-03)
France Jean-Charles Martinetti (55-55)
Argentina Raul Martinez (55-55)
Portugal André Martinho (55-55)
Portugal Carlos Martins (55-55)
France Marco Massarotto (94-94)
Portugal Pedro Matos-Chaves (00-00)
France Eric Mauffrey (87-92)
France Julien Maurin (55-55)
New Zealand Joe McAndrew (11-55)
United Kingdom Marty McCormack (11-22)
Ireland Joseph McGonigle (55-55)
Ireland Aaron McHale (07-22)
Ireland Austin McHale (55-55)
Ireland Gareth McHale (06-22)
New Zealand Glenn McIntyre (80-82)
Ireland Daniel McKenna (55-55)
United Kingdom Kenny McKinstry (93-93)
Ireland Tim McNulty (07-22)
United Kingdom Alister McRae (91-22)
United Kingdom Colin McRae (87-06)
United Kingdom Jimmy McRae (79-04)
United Kingdom Niall McShea (02-22)
Italy Angelo Medeghini (93-98)
United Kingdom Kris Meeke (03-03)
New Zealand Ross Meekings (91-55)
Portugal Jose Megre (55-55)
Kenya Shekhar Mehta (73-87)
Portugal Pedro Meireles (55-55)
Slovakia Jaroslav Melicharek (14-22)
Sweden Kjell Melin (55-55)
United Kingdom Chris Mellors (86-86)
United Kingdom Penny Mellory (95-00)
Portugal Santinho Mendes (76-0)
Argentina Carlos jr. Menem (87-94)
Argentina Claudio Menzi (55-55)
United Kingdom Dave Metcalfe (90-92)
France Frank Metiffiot (55-55)
France Paul-Marc Meylan (84-84)

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