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Country Driver First Name Driver Last Name Activity
Finland Jani Paasonen (00-05)
New Zealand Hayden Paddon (07-22)
Italy Alcide Paganelli (73-76)
France Pierre Pagani (55-55)
Finland Mikko Pajunen (55-55)
Yugoslavia Jovica Palikovic (55-55)
Finland Hannu Palin (73-73)
Finland Tomi Palmqvist (89-55)
Finland *Unknown Palmroos (82-0)
France Jacques Panciatici (86-89)
France Gilles Panizzi (02-02)
United Kingdom Terry Pankhurst (81-81)
Ukraine Oleksii Panov (55-55)
Cyprus Petros Panteli (55-55)
Greece John Papadimitriou (00-22)
New Zealand David Parkes (55-55)
Estonia Sander Pärn (55-55)
Kenya Pierre Parsons (73-73)
Portugal Vitor Pascoal (55-55)
United States Travis Pastrana (07-22)
Kenya Ashok Patel (85-88)
United Kingdom Malcolm Patrick (81-81)
Kenya Ashok Pattni (92-55)
Czech Republic Vaclav Pech (07-55)
Italy Luca Pedersoli (98-22)
France Alain Pellerey (98-55)
France Laurent Pellier (55-55)
Bolivia Eduardo Peredo (55-55)
Portugal Fernando Peres (93-55)
Portugal Pedro Peres (55-55)
Spain Jonathan Perez (55-55)
United Kingdom Steve Perez (03-22)
Argentina Luis Perez Companc (04-22)
Italy Alessandro Perico (55-55)
Spain Surhayem Pernia (55-55)
Switzerland Pascal Perroud (55-55)
Canada Jean-Paul Pérusse (77-0)
Greece Jonny Pesmazoglou (73-0)
Czech Republic Josef Petak (55-55)
United Kingdom Steve Petch (55-22)
Sweden Gunnar Pettersson (84-0)
Germany Albert Pfuhl (55-55)
Italy Gilberto Pianezzola (90-55)
Italy Giorgio Pianta (55-55)
France Bernard Picone (55-55)
Poland Lukasz Pieniazek (55-55)
Finland Eerik Pietarinen (18-22)
Italy Rafaele Pinto (73-0)
France Jean-Francois Piot (73-0)
France Didier Pironi (73-73)
Finland Jani Pirttinen (55-22)
Italy Alessio Pisi (55-55)
Finland Erkki Pitkänen (73-85)
Estonia Siim Plangi (55-55)
France Laurent Poggi (87-90)
Morocco Claude Polizzi (55-55)
Italy Marco Pollara (55-55)
France Sylvain Polo (90-55)
Cyprus Panikos Polykarpou (55-55)
Spain Jose-Maria Ponce (91-55)
United Kingdom Tony Pond (74-86)
Morocco Raymond Ponnelle (73-0)
Italy Fabrizia Pons (74-98)
Spain Xavier Pons (04-04)
Romania Valentin Porcisteanu (55-55)
Russia Aleksander Potapov (55-55)
Trinidad and Tobago John Powell (12-22)
Finland Jouko Pöysti (55-55)
Argentina Gabriel Pozzo (02-02)
Italy Mauro Pregliasco (75-0)

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