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Country Driver First Name Driver Last Name Activity
Sweden Thomas Raadström (02-02)
Belgium Jean-Philippe Radoux (55-55)
United Kingdom James Rae (74-79)
France Jean Ragnotti (79-79)
Kenya Sarbi Rai (55-55)
Argentina Gabriel Raies (03-03)
Argentina Juan-Pablo Raies (55-55)
Argentina Marcelo Raies (90-55)
Finland Kimi Räikkönen (55-55)
Finland Tapio Rainio (73-81)
Finland Matti Rantanen (05-22)
France Jean-Michel Raoux (05-22)
Zimbabwe Billy Rautenbach (89-55)
Zimbabwe Conrad Rautenbach (04-22)
United Kingdom Julian Raymond (80-80)
San Marino Michele Rayneri (84-0)
Argentina Jorge Recalde (80-01)
Portugal Luis Rego (55-55)
United Kingdom Stuart Reid (55-55)
Tanzania Zully Remtulla (73-78)
Italy Max Rendina (14-22)
Switzerland Laurent Reuche (55-55)
Argentina Carlos Reutemann (80-85)
Canada Patrick Richard (03-22)
Monaco Jean-Pierre Richelmi (97-02)
Germany Christian Riedemann (10-22)
France Christian Rio (84-0)
Italy Salvatore Riolo (55-55)
Paraguay Jose-Louis Rios (55-55)
France Cedric Robert (0-0)
France Michel Robini (55-55)
United Kingdom Jill Robinson (55-55)
New Zealand Blair Robson (79-0)
Italy Stefano Rocca (55-55)
United Kingdom Nigel Rockey (55-55)
United States *Unknown Rodgers (73-0)
Portugal Ruben Rodrigues (55-55)
France Daniel Rognoni (55-55)
Germany Walter Röhrl (73-87)
Norway Steve Rokland (55-55)
Sweden Joakim Roman (02-22)
Portugal Francisco Romaozinho (73-0)
France Frédéric Romeyer (07-22)
Belgium Flory Roothaert (88-88)
Kenya Lee Rose (55-55)
Austria Kris Rosenberger (98-01)
France Yohan Rossel (14-22)
Italy Luca Rossetti (55-55)
Italy Valentino Rossi (02-22)
France Jean-Paul Rouby (80-0)
France Jean-Pierre Rouget (55-55)
France Sébastien Rousseaux (55-55)
France Benoit Rousselot (99-22)
Switzerland Philippe Roux (04-22)
Finland Harri Rovanperä (02-02)
Finland Kalle Rovanperä (55-55)
United Kingdom Martin Rowe (0-0)
Monaco Raymond Rué (80-80)
Switzerland Hans-Peter Ruedin (22-22)
Indonesia Dandy Rukmana (96-96)
Italy Antonio Rusce (55-55)
Austria Klaus Russling (55-55)
United Kingdom Patrick Ryan (78-0)

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