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Country Driver First Name Driver Last Name Activity
Finland Harri Väänänen (75-92)
Portugal Pedro Vale (55-55)
Finland Jussi Valimäki (03-03)
Finland Hannu Valkonen (74-75)
Spain Sergio Vallejo (92-22)
Czech Republic Pavel Valousek (02-22)
Finland Hannu Valtaharju (73-83)
Belgium Tuur van den Abeele (55-55)
Netherlands Jasper van den Heuvel (03-22)
Netherlands Timo van der Marel (55-55)
South Africa Sarel van der Merwe (84-0)
Belgium Jean-Pierre van der Wauwer (89-55)
Netherlands Mark van Eldik (55-55)
Belgium Davy Vanneste (55-55)
Finland Ari Vatanen (79-03)
Finland Max Vatanen (55-55)
Finland Tatu Vatanen (55-55)
Norway Ole-Christian Veiby (14-22)
Belgium Dieter Verbeke (55-55)
France Carole Vergnaud (55-55)
France Hervé Véricel (55-55)
Italy Maurizio Verini (73-0)
South Africa Lola Verlaque (55-55)
Belgium Renaud Verreydt (98-22)
Belgium Vincent Verschueren (55-55)
Russia Evgeny Vertunov (06-22)
Belgium Matthias Viaene (55-55)
Portugal Carlos Vieira (55-55)
France Jean-Sebastien Vigion (55-55)
Finland Jari Viita (03-03)
Finland Jari Vilkas (55-55)
Monaco Manuel Villa (00-22)
Argentina Frederico Villagra (98-55)
Finland Pekka Vilpponen (55-55)
France Jean Vinatier (73-78)
France Jean-Francois Vincens (55-55)
France Francis Vincent (77-0)
Spain Joan Vinyes (55-55)
Italy Alessandro Vittalini (55-55)
Kenya Carlo Vitulli (84-0)
Hungary Laszlo Vizin (55-55)
Czech Republic Martin Vlcek (55-55)
Czech Republic Stefan Vojtech (05-22)
Latvia Janis Vorobjovs (55-55)
France Nicolas Vouilloz (01-22)
Greece Aris Vovos (94-22)
Italy Adartico Vudafieri (80-0)
Russia Sergej Vukovich (55-55)

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