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Country Driver First Name Driver Last Name Activity
Austria Julian Wagner (17-22)
Austria Simon Wagner (17-22)
Czech Republic Victor Wagner (03-22)
Belgium William Wagner (55-55)
Sweden Björn Waldegaard (79-92)
Sweden Lars-Erik Walfridsson (78-85)
Sweden Per-Inge Walfridsson (73-0)
Sweden Pernilla Walfridsson (97-00)
Sweden Stig-Olof Walfridsson (88-55)
United States *Unknown Walker (73-0)
Germany Mark Wallenwein (06-22)
France Philippe Wambergue (84-0)
Germany Achim Warmbold (73-00)
Germany Antony Warmbold (0-0)
United Kingdom Derek Warwick (90-90)
United Kingdom Neil Wearden (0-0)
Germany Erwin Weber (85-0)
United Kingdom Stephen Wedgebury (55-55)
United Kingdom Darryl Weidner (83-83)
Netherlands Hans jr. Weijs (55-55)
New Zealand Chris West (00-22)
Argentina Frederico West (80-0)
United Kingdom Dave Weston (06-22)
Ireland Paddy White (55-55)
Ireland Roy White (07-22)
Zimbabwe Jamie Whyte (55-55)
Austria Wilfried Wiedner (85-0)
Germany Sepp Wiegand (11-22)
United Kingdom Guy Wilks (02-22)
United Kingdom Tom Williams (16-22)
United Kingdom Malcolm Wilson (77-95)
United Kingdom Matthew Wilson (04-22)
New Zealand Ray Wilson (11-55)
Austria Franz Wittmann (73-0)
Austria Franz jr. Wittmann (04-22)
France Bob Wolleck (73-73)
United Kingdom Andrew Wood (86-55)
United States John Woodner (86-86)
United Kingdom Robert Woodside (55-55)
New Zealand John Woolf (77-79)
Ireland Stephen Wright (55-55)
China Jixiang Wu (55-55)
Germany Waltraud Wünsch (81-82)

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