Current - 2010 WRC Swedish Rally

2019 Swedish Rally WRC Round 1 - Snow : 12-Feb to 14-Feb
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Unofficial Top 10 Overall Results

1st. M. Hirvonen Ford Focus (Mk2)
2nd. S. Loeb Citroën C4
3rd. J. Latvala Ford Focus (Mk2)
4th. D. Sordo Citroën C4
5th. S. Ogier Citroën C4
6th. H. Solberg Ford Focus (Mk2)
7th. M. Wilson Ford Focus (Mk2)
8th. M. Ostberg Subaru Impreza (..
9th. P. Solberg Citroën C4
10th. P. Andersson Skoda Fabia (2)

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Unofficial Top 10 Retirements

#276. O. Tänak Subaru Impreza (..
#270. M. Solowow Peugeot 207
#276. J. Roman Subaru Impreza (..
#246. F. Gonon Subaru Impreza (..
#245. R. Kresta Mitsubishi Lancer (C..
#276. O. Tänak Subaru Impreza (..
#4. J. Arolainen Ford Focus (Mk1)
#276. O. Tänak Subaru Impreza (..

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Unofficial Top 10 Entries

#1. S. Loeb Citroën C4
#2. D. Sordo Citroën C4
#3. M. Hirvonen Ford Focus (Mk2)
#4. J. Latvala Ford Focus (Mk2)
#5. M. Grönholm Ford Focus (Mk2)
#6. H. Solberg Ford Focus (Mk2)
#7. S. Ogier Citroën C4
#8. K. Räikkönen Citroën C4
#11. P. Solberg Citroën C4
#12. M. Wilson Ford Focus (Mk2)

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