Current - 2010 WRC Rallye de France Alsace

2019 Rallye de France Alsace WRC Round 11 - Asphalt : 30-Sep to 3-Oct
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Unofficial Top 10 Overall Results

1st. S. Loeb Citroën C4
2nd. D. Sordo Citroën C4
3rd. P. Solberg Citroën C4
4th. J. Latvala Ford Focus (Mk2)
5th. M. Hirvonen Ford Focus (Mk2)
6th. S. Ogier Citroën C4
7th. F. Villagra Ford Focus (Mk2)
8th. M. Wilson Ford Focus (Mk2)
9th. H. Solberg Ford Fiesta (M..
10th. P. Sandell Skoda Fabia (2)

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Unofficial Top 10 Retirements

#291. M. Ostberg Ford Fiesta (M..
#291. J. Maurin Ford Fiesta (M..
#11. Y. Muller Citroën Xsara
#270. J. Vigion Peugeot 207
#275. P. Horsey Mitsubishi Lancer (F..
#291. B. Sousa Ford Fiesta (M..
#275. H. Paddon Mitsubishi Lancer (F..
#256. F. Turan Peugeot 307
#271. K. Abbring Renault Clio (3)
#265. A. Llovera Fiat Grande Pu..

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Unofficial Top 10 Entries

#1. S. Loeb Citroën C4
#2. D. Sordo Citroën C4
#3. M. Hirvonen Ford Focus (Mk2)
#4. J. Latvala Ford Focus (Mk2)
#5. M. Wilson Ford Focus (Mk2)
#7. S. Ogier Citroën C4
#8. K. Räikkönen Citroën C4
#9. F. Villagra Ford Focus (Mk2)
#11. P. Solberg Citroën C4
#14. K. Al Qassimi Ford Focus (Mk2)

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