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2019 Ypres Rally IRC Round 6 - Asphalt : 27-Jun to 29-Jun
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2013 IRC Geko Ypres Rally News

Legend Loix triumphs for Skoda in Ypres Skoda Legend Loix triumphs for Skoda in Ypres Belgian rallying legend Freddy Loix secured a superb victory for ŠKODA on home soil. Despite coming up ag...

Mission accomplished for Bessenyey IRC Mission accomplished for Bessenyey Zoltan Bessenyey and co-driver Julianna Nyirfas finished 9th in the 2WD class of the Geko Ypres Rally thi...


IRC B end - dramatic fire finale @ 09:20 PM - Actually 2 cars are on fire! Pajunen (souprally) is on fire suspected after off. Then Vanneste's car caught fire for mechanical reasons. Leandri also has mechanical problems. All crews are OK, but Vanneste and Leandri will not be able to do the last road section! Breen was off too, but with last stage cancelled he should be able to see the finish ramp. Results as SS19 minus Vanneste and Leandri. End results - subject to last road section and scrutineering (after SS20):
1st= Loix/Miclotte, Skoda, 2h32m19s4;
2nd= Bouffier/Vanneste, Peugeot, +1m21s;
3rd= Breen/Nagle, Peugeot, +1m52s5;
4th= Lefevere/Vangheluwe, Mitsubishi, +6m36s4;
5th= Kobus/de Wild, Ford, +6m41s2;
6th= Solowow/Rozwadowski, Ford, +7m;
7th= Debackere/Cokelaere, Peugeot, +9m38s5;
8th= Hadik/Kertesz, Subaru, +10m09s3;
9th= Tlustak/Skaloud, Skoda, +10m25s6;
10th= Croes/Tack, Mitsubishi, +12m07s7

IRC B SS20 - Interim report @ 09:08 PM - Results are either delayed or as of SS19. The long Hollebeke stage is interrupted. At the moment there are infos that Mikka Pajubnen crashed and Davy Vanneste's car is on fire, could be a misunderstanding.

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Unofficial Top 10 Overall Results

1st. F. Loix Skoda Fabia (2)
2nd. B. Bouffier Peugeot 207
3rd. C. Breen Peugeot 207
4th. A. Lefevere Mitsubishi Lancer (F..
5th. H. Kobus Ford Fiesta (M..
6th. M. Solowow Ford Fiesta (M..
7th. M. Debackere Peugeot 207
8th. A. Hadik Subaru Impreza (..
9th. A. Tlustak Skoda Fabia (2)
10th. D. Croes Mitsubishi Lancer (F..

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Unofficial Top 10 Retirements

#270. F. Delecour Peugeot 207
#301. K. Meeke Peugeot 208 (1)
#304. T. Neuville Ford Fiesta (M..
#284. B. Casier Skoda Fabia (2)
#245. J. Orsak Mitsubishi Lancer (C..
#268. V. Verschue.. Volkswagen Polo (4F)
#296. R. Consani Renault Mégane (3)
#292. M. Taylor Citroën DS3
#291. H. Paddon Ford Fiesta (M..
#275. V. Pushkar Mitsubishi Lancer (F..

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Unofficial Top 10 Entries

#0. K. Meeke Peugeot 208 (1)
#0. T. Neuville Ford Fiesta (M..
#1. C. Breen Peugeot 207
#2. H. Paddon Ford Fiesta (M..
#3. F. Delecour Peugeot 207
#4. M. Solowow Ford Fiesta (M..
#5. F. Loix Skoda Fabia (2)
#6. B. Bouffier Peugeot 207
#7. B. Casier Skoda Fabia (2)
#8. A. Aigner Subaru Impreza (..

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