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2019 Rally Liepaja IRC Round 2 - Snow, Gravel : 1-Feb to 2-Feb
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Unofficial Top 10 Overall Results

1st. E. Lappi Skoda Fabia (2)
2nd. V. Gryazin Ford Fiesta (M..
3rd. C. Breen Peugeot 207
4th. K. Kajetano.. Ford Fiesta (M..
5th. S. Wiegand Skoda Fabia (2)
6th. J. Vorobjovs Mitsubishi Lancer (F..
7th. V. Pushkar Mitsubishi Lancer (F..
8th. S. Travnikov Mitsubishi Lancer (C..
9th. M. Samuitis Mitsubishi Lancer (F..
10th. J. Cerny Peugeot 208 (1)

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Unofficial Top 10 Retirements

#300. M. Griebel Opel Adam (A)
#275. V. Svedas Mitsubishi Lancer (F..
#293. B. Bouffier Citroën DS3
#304. M. Tempestini Ford Fiesta (M..
#304. T. Körge Ford Fiesta (M..
#270. J. Raoux Peugeot 207
#276. E. Stratieva Subaru Impreza (..
#289. S. Rokland Ford Fiesta (M..
#275. S. Plangi Mitsubishi Lancer (F..
#245. M. Svilis Mitsubishi Lancer (C..

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Unofficial Top 10 Entries

#1. C. Breen Peugeot 207
#2. B. Bouffier Citroën DS3
#3. E. Lappi Skoda Fabia (2)
#4. V. Gryazin Ford Fiesta (M..
#5. K. Kajetano.. Ford Fiesta (M..
#6. V. Svedas Mitsubishi Lancer (F..
#7. S. Wiegand Skoda Fabia (2)
#8. J. Tarabus Skoda Fabia (2)
#10. J. Vorobjovs Mitsubishi Lancer (F..
#11. O. Tamrazov Ford Fiesta (M..

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