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2020 Rally Mexico WRC Round 3 - Gravel : 4-Mar to 6-Mar
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2016 WRC Rally Mexico News

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Unofficial Top 10 Overall Results

1st. J. Latvala Volkswagen Polo (5)
2nd. S. Ogier Volkswagen Polo (5)
3rd. M. Ostberg Ford Fiesta (M..
4th. D. Sordo Hyundai i20 (new)
5th. H. Paddon Hyundai i20 (new)
6th. O. Tänak Ford Fiesta (M..
7th. M. Prokop Ford Fiesta (M..
8th. L. Bertelli Ford Fiesta (M..
9th. T. Suninen Skoda Fabia (3)
11th. H. Ptaszek Peugeot 208 (1)

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Unofficial Top 10 Retirements

#304. K. Al Suwaidi Ford Fiesta (M..
#275. R. Trivino Mitsubishi Lancer (F..
#303. T. Neuville Hyundai i20 (new)
#291. B. Guerra Ford Fiesta (M..
#308. A. Kremer Skoda Fabia (3)
#291. E. Camilli Ford Fiesta (M..
#303. T. Neuville Hyundai i20 (new)
#308. A. Al Kuwari Skoda Fabia (3)
#308. A. Kremer Skoda Fabia (3)
#298. A. Mikkelsen Volkswagen Polo (5)

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Unofficial Top 10 Entries

#1. S. Ogier Volkswagen Polo (5)
#2. J. Latvala Volkswagen Polo (5)
#3. T. Neuville Hyundai i20 (new)
#4. D. Sordo Hyundai i20 (new)
#5. M. Ostberg Ford Fiesta (M..
#6. E. Camilli Ford Fiesta (M..
#9. A. Mikkelsen Volkswagen Polo (5)
#12. O. Tänak Ford Fiesta (M..
#16. B. Guerra Ford Fiesta (M..
#20. H. Paddon Hyundai i20 (new)

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