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2019 Rally of Great Britain WRC Round 12 - Gravel : 21-Nov to 25-Nov
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1982 WRC Lombard RAC News

There is no News for the specified.

Unofficial Top 10 Overall Results

1st. H. Mikkola Audi Quattro
2nd. M. Mouton Audi Quattro
3rd. H. Toivonen Opel Ascona (B)
4th. M. Alen Lancia Rally
5th. H. Demuth Audi Quattro
6th. R. Brookes Vauxhall Chevette
7th. B. Waldegaard Toyota Celica (A..
8th. S. Blomqvist Talbot Sunbeam
9th. P. Eklund Toyota Celica (A..
10th. M. Wilson Audi Quattro

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Unofficial Top 10 Retirements

#104. L. Asterhaag Toyota Celica (A..
#122. P. Airikkala Mitsubishi Lancer (EX)
#30. L. Lampi Audi Quattro
#139. B. Danielsson Mazda RX7 (FB/1)
#103. T. Pond Vauxhall Chevette
#116. J. Kleint Opel Ascona (B)
#52. A. Dawson Nissan Silvia
#55. T. Salonen Nissan Violet 160J
#116. A. Vatanen Opel Ascona (B)
#116. J. McRae Opel Ascona (B)

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Unofficial Top 10 Entries

#1. H. Mikkola Audi Quattro
#2. A. Vatanen Opel Ascona (B)
#3. M. Alen Lancia Rally
#4. J. Kleint Opel Ascona (B)
#5. M. Mouton Audi Quattro
#6. S. Blomqvist Talbot Sunbeam
#7. H. Toivonen Opel Ascona (B)
#8. B. Waldegaard Toyota Celica (A..
#9. T. Pond Vauxhall Chevette
#10. P. Airikkala Mitsubishi Lancer (EX)

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