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Retirements, 2007 WRC Swedish Rally

This is an unofficial Retirements list and may be incomplete.

Pos Driver Co-Driver # Vehicle Rego Reason
Ret. A. Grondal . UNKNOWN #24 Subaru Impreza (44S)  [UNKNOWN] SS1 ?
Ret. J. Joge M. Andersson #60 Peugeot 207  [UNKNOWN] SS2 gearbox
Ret. X. Pons X. Amigo #17 Mitsubishi Lancer  [UNKNOWN] SS5 throttle stuck leading to crash
Ret. J. Hermansson M. Kangas #76 Mitsubishi Lancer (Cedia) EvoIX [UNKNOWN] SS10 co driver ill
Ret. J. Roman . UNKNOWN #69 Subaru Impreza (GD) WRX STI [UNKNOWN] SS12 fuel starvation
Ret. P. Solberg P. Mills #7 Subaru Impreza (44S)  [UNKNOWN] SS12 withdrawn - to save car for this strange tight calendar
Ret. M. Jonsson J. Johannsson #22 Ford Focus (Mk1)  [UNKNOWN] SS12 ?
Ret. J. Latvala M. Anttila #9 Ford Focus (Mk2)  [UNKNOWN] SS16 oil pipe froozen
Ret. M. Wilson M. Orr #16 Ford Focus (Mk2)  [UNKNOWN] SS16 oil pipe froozen
Ret. J. Ketomäki K. Risberg #61 Subaru Impreza (GD) WRX STI [UNKNOWN] SS16 turbo
Ret. M. Higgins S. Martin #34 Mitsubishi Lancer (Cedia)  [UNKNOWN] SS18 ?
Ret. N. Al Attiyah C. Patterson #39 Subaru Impreza (GD)  [UNKNOWN] SS18 ?
Ret. J. Raies J. Perez Companc #12 Ford Focus (Mk2)  [UNKNOWN] SS20 ?
Ret. J. Hänninen M. Markkula #36 Mitsubishi Lancer (Cedia)  [UNKNOWN] SS66 disqualified - 16th, groupN winner but car fuel tank not to homologation