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2019 Rallye Monte Carlo WRC Round 1 - Asphalt, Ice : 25-Jan to 28-Jan
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Retirements, 2018 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo

This is an unofficial Retirements list and may be incomplete.

Pos Driver Co-Driver # Vehicle Rego Reason
Ret. M. Arzeno . UNKNOWN #75 Skoda Fabia (3) R5 [UNKNOWN] SS3 ?
Ret. A. Mikkelsen A. Jaeger #4 Hyundai i20 (new) Coupé WRC [UNKNOWN] SS3 alternator
Ret. T. Suninen M. Markkula #33 Ford Fiesta (Mk6) R5 Evo2 [UNKNOWN] SS4 crash
Ret. E. Camilli B. Veillas #31 Ford Fiesta (Mk6) R5 Evo2 [UNKNOWN] SS6 crash
Ret. S. Sarrazin J. Renucci #76 Hyundai i20 (new) R5 [UNKNOWN] SS7 crash
Ret. D. Sordo C. del Barrio #6 Hyundai i20 (new) Coupé WRC [UNKNOWN] SS9 crash
Ret. K. Abbring P. Tsjoen #34 Ford Fiesta (Mk6) R5 Evo [UNKNOWN] SS9 engine
Ret. G. Greensmith C. Parry #97 Ford Fiesta (Mk6) R2T [UNKNOWN] SS9 ?
Ret. A. Nucita M. Vozzo #25 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth [UNKNOWN] SS11 crash
Ret. E. Camilli B. Veillas #31 Ford Fiesta (Mk6) R5 Evo2 [UNKNOWN] SS11 electrics
Ret. O. Veiby S. Skjaermoen #71 Skoda Fabia (3) R5 [UNKNOWN] SS11 crash
Ret. N. Ciamin T. de la Haye #23 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth [UNKNOWN] SS12 turbo