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 Re: WRC S2000Turbo future by m4d-mike

20-Aug-09 06:29 PM 

i would lve to see the irc steal the 1.6 turbo idea before the wrc managed to get it together. Because if thet is the man in charge of promoting the show were in for another couple of boring years im afraid,

a sales man who turns down sales thich exceed his target should be at the very least fired on the spot and preferably shot,

 Re: WRC S2000Turbo future by RonSkoda

20-Aug-09 07:04 PM 

They can't as the FIA invent the classes and IRC just choose which one they want to use.

But if WRC don't want more than 4 manufacturers then IRC can have the "spare" ones :)

 Re: WRC S2000Turbo future by m4d-mike

20-Aug-09 07:38 PM 

well thats not too bad so cos 2 litre turbo should be goin beggin in a year or two.
something resembling the group a rallies in the ninteys

 Re: WRC S2000Turbo future by tommimakinenfan2002

22-Oct-09 01:54 AM 

Loeb said that the 1.6T will be very fast but will have less torque than the current WRcars.

 Re: WRC S2000Turbo future by AndyRAC

22-Oct-09 04:09 AM 

And how many other Manufacturers are building 1600T cars?

Not much use if it's Ford v Citroen...AGAIN!!

 Re: WRC S2000Turbo future by Chris B

22-Oct-09 02:48 PM 

Reading between the lines of some comments I have spotted, I see a chance of a Prodrive built VW. But VW, we may as well have Suzuki or Hyundai back, with VW it will still be a fight Ford v Citroen.

That said, I recon the step from S2000 to 1600T is quite small, existing S2000 manufacturers may just do it. But then what are the rules. If 1600T is restricted to WRC only, why should they convert an S2000 to 1600T?

 Re: WRC S1600Turbo future by Radiv

23-Oct-09 02:08 AM 

But when can we expect that FIA have agreed on the 2011 tech regs ?

This is getting close to a scandal !

 Re: WRC S1600Turbo future by Chris B

23-Oct-09 08:34 AM 

Since it appears Todt has won the presidential election and the way Mosley, Ecclestone and co pushed for him, I tend to believe it's the same people in the background, the much needed change in the FIA is not going to happen at all...

...and to this subject here, messing up with 38 u-turns on a decission of new tech rules getting close to a scandal? Of course it will be, this is the FIA!

 Re: WRC S1600Turbo future by Gregor

23-Oct-09 12:04 AM 

If the FIA is so reliant on influence from behind what meaningful changes could Ari have made?

I've been following VW with interest and am wondering what Piech is doing expanding VW at this time. Does anyone think he may be serious about rally?

 Re: WRC S1600Turbo future by Chris B

23-Oct-09 04:38 PM 

"If the FIA is so reliant on influence from behind what meaningful changes could Ari have made?"

A lot more I think. It can only be speculation. But Vatane3n promised a lot of change, while Todt kept most of the Mosley gang, like Surinder Thatthi and Mosley F1 adjutant Alan Donnelly. The way Mosley and Ecclestone massively pushed for Todt and against Vatanen, so much so that doubts came up this is not a democratic election, and the fact just showed up, makes me believe Mosley and co pushed for Todt because with Todt nothing will change and they can still pull the strings in the background, while with Ari this would have been different.

 Re: WRC S1600Turbo future by tommimakinenfan2002

3-Nov-09 06:40 PM 

VW still wants semi automatic gearboxes so they can promote their DSG technology.

 Re: WRC S1600Turbo future by tommimakinenfan2002

3-Nov-09 06:42 PM 

Then again I like the paddle shift gear boxes since they look so cool. The joystick units in the S2000's don't look as nice.

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