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 2009 Tipping by Chris B

10-Jan-09 06:41 AM 

Tipping rounds are open, hope I have done everything right with set up.

IRC starts with Monte, WRC with Ireland, both open now.

Good luck!

One note, both entry lists had been published about now, but Monte is held a while before Ireland! Note that Monte without WRC rules is a longer event! We have a classic Col de Turini night in the night from Friday to Saturday. Important for the tipping, the first stage of Monte kicks off Wednesday morning 8:45, the tipping will therefore close Tuesday night!

 Re: 2009 Tipping by RonSkoda

20-Jan-09 00:27 AM 

Reminder, Monte tipping closes tonight!

 Re: 2009 Tipping by Chris B

1-Feb-09 10:38 PM 

Rally Ireland tipping calculated and Rally Norway tipping up


And the winner is: Maui J, Rando, K1w1taxi, Msten... very different picture to IRC Monte tipping. Boy does the WRC seem predictable. I only took part so at least someone has not all of the podium correct.

Norway entry list up to study

 Re: 2009 Tipping by Chris B

15-Feb-09 10:56 AM 

Tipping calculated. This event was quite exciting, and in fact I was surprised there were no position changes on the last day and especially that our tipping competition made even this WRC round look so predictable.

Special congrats to:

Starboardtac for indeed getting 7 out of 8 drivers right!

Juan B. Gill actually got all 8 drivers right, but swapped position between 5th and 6 as well as 7th and 8th.

Impressive stuff!

 Re: 2009 Tipping by starboardtac

15-Feb-09 01:53 PM 

Thanks Chris!

 Re: 2009 Tipping by Chris B

4-Mar-09 05:19 AM 

Added Cyprus as a tipping round. Blimey, despite PWRC and JWRC this WRC round has even less entries than IRC in Curitiba! To be honest, looking through this entry list I am considering to stop entering the tipping competition myself, it's just no fun any more. Mind you, Portugal should be better.

 Re: 2009 Tipping by Chris B

15-Mar-09 10:54 AM 

Cyprus tipping calclated. Uups, someone who decllared to hate this rally predicted best. Appologies. But OK, my IRC tipping looks useless, so I have to keep a clean name somewheere.

Congrats Balin from Estonia for leading the overall competition.

 Re: 2009 Tipping by RonSkoda

15-Mar-09 01:42 PM 

Bugger. My tips were very close to Chris' despite not looking at his tips first, but the final leg sent it tits up for me. Yesterday I had 6 of 8 correct!

 Re: 2009 Tipping by mof

18-Mar-09 05:07 PM 

Quote Chris "Cyprus tipping calclated. Uups, someone who decllared to hate this rally predicted best. Appologies. But OK, my IRC tipping looks useless, so I have to keep a clean name somewheere."

Corrupt, Crooked... Just joking!!

You hate Cyprus and top the tipping. Maybe you should get in a soccer tipping comp where you can win some money!!

 Re: 2009 Tipping by Chris B

7-Apr-09 03:58 AM 

Argentina tipping opened and Portugal and Safari calculated.

Congrats to LevinGT and Rolfi, who both got the top4 right in Portugal.

Safari I had doubts about this tipping round. Not many people would know the local scene and I thought I had an unfair advantage myself. Well, I was useless and congrats Rallyman91, who got the top3 right and in fact scored more points than the winner of supposed to be predictable WRC Portugal!

 Re: 2009 Tipping by rolfi

27-Apr-09 05:05 PM 

I suposse results of Argentina´s tips must be recalculated because the Ogier real position. There is no much diference (i believe), but official results must be finaly used. Thank´s.

 Re: 2009 Tipping by Chris B

28-Apr-09 06:32 AM 

Thanks, done. Congrats to S.Rokland for winning this round!