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 Online rally calendar ? by Radiv

20-Feb-09 02:18 AM 

Is there a calendar somewhere that are incorporating WRC, IRC, ERC and national rallies ?

Would be very nice to have, to decide wich to go to or follow online !

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by Leandro 4

20-Feb-09 06:08 AM 

Hi! This is the first time i write in this forum, after reading here for long long time. And your ask decided me to participate.
A few weeks ago I made a Rally Calendar with all the international series (including regional series too) and many of the national rally championships. I hope it helps you.
But I don't know how can I send it to you, can you give me a clue?

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by Radiv

20-Feb-09 07:33 AM 

Do you have it in electronic form, if so send it to one of the people on this site: to the right you will see the name of the team. They will fo sure publish it here !

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by Leandro 4

20-Feb-09 08:31 AM 

I couldn't find any e-mail adress in the Team section. I tried to send a message in the "Contact Us" area but I get an error message when I send the message.
I'll keep trying.

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by Chris B

20-Feb-09 11:52 AM 

Have to pass this on to Adrian, if this system doesnt work.

Apart that we do have the calendars online, but split the two championships



The order would be as follows

* Note 1
IRC - Acores
* Note 2
* Note 3

Events on the same weekend are
* Note 1 - WRC P and IRC Safari
* Note 2 - WRC FIN and IRC Madeira
* Note 3 - IRC J and WRC GB

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by Chris B

20-Feb-09 11:53 AM 

Argh, why that....

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by Radiv

20-Feb-09 12:10 AM 

Sorry my mistake, I thought if you clicked the name the mailbox or PM came up, but I guess they have a site mailbox:
or ChrisB at

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by Chris B

20-Feb-09 03:00 PM 

My email is correct. The general one should be, but I wonder if something is wrong with it.

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by Adrian

23-Feb-09 07:11 AM 

There is also which has more than rally but is a good list.

The contact forms are being checked and in fact - so is the WHOLE website, well overdue for an overhaul...

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by Leandro 4

5-Mar-09 01:39 PM 

I've just sent the excel file I was talking about to Chris. I hope you enjoy it.

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by levingt

5-Mar-09 07:18 PM 

Hey guys I posted an idea on WRC on Facebook, for a toolbar. I'm thinking if it is possible maybe it could be adapted to this site, it would help those fans out there living without tivo.

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by Chris B

6-Mar-09 03:10 AM 

What should be in this toolbar? The idea is great, but it doesn't seem to make much sense to have a toolbar just above a menu with the same content. Unless it would make our lives easier in cutting our own content, but I don't think either of us wants to to that. Maybe see what Adrian thinks of a toolbar?

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by levingt

6-Mar-09 11:29 PM 

The idea behind the toolbar is to have a continuous presence integrated the browser. Like for example the Yahoo toolbar, so once you have set it up it operates whenever the browser is open, so you might be just browsing for example and the toolbar will alert you to any coverage that is of interest…eg next events are…, tv times…or if not available on the network ed then alternatives available geographically, official website link and alerts for any current broadcast or web cast.

Yeah I do think the toolbar is a top down thing for the FIA FIM brands to keep a continuous market presence which is important these days people are continually bombarded with marketing messages and information through an ever increasing amount of sources and providers. Because of this, people are really quite time poor with too many entertainment options they rarely take time to really understand things and if you don’t understand something it’s harder to appreciate it.

Anyway the toolbar is a way to drive internet traffic to event sites and I think if this above is integrated with the other idea I posted, promoters of motorsport worldwide could get camera equipment in all cars and teams could each work at building their own market niche adding to the measurable results for their sponsors increasing revenue.

For you guys perhaps instead of a continuously present toolbar just a site based applet, something your end users could set up with their details geographical, championship preference and network, could be all Rally championships for example and it would spit out the above info…more just extension of what you already do with current event information boxes. However as you know there are many Rally’s occurring at any one time not just WRC and IRC and as a Fan of Rally I would like to keep in touch with as much rallying as possible so this will help to reduce the search cost.

So the information is out there it just takes time to assimilate and this something the average person doesn’t have.

Should I email Adrian or is he tuned in

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by Chris B

7-Mar-09 07:11 AM 

The idea is great. If you don't email Adrian, I will! If WRC ISC don't do it, I personally would like to have it for ourselves, he big question is how difficult is it to do. That I have no clue.

 Re: Online rally calendar ? by levingt

8-Mar-09 02:05 AM 

Yeah my knowledge is limited, including not knowing Adrian's email address. lol

But thats not say it can't be done.

Good news is it is not reinventing the wheel just a different application. Check out

This site allows you to choose shows you like and it will track it and send you email notification at a specified time prior to the show airing.

Apparently EPG servers operate pretty much worldwide and are subject to standard.