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 Portugal by Radiv

23-Feb-09 11:12 AM 

Marcus Gronholm will do comeback in an Adapta S14 in Portugal !!!!

Wow !

Lets see what he can get out of it, compared to Petter, Atko and Mads !

 Re: Portugal by moogy

23-Feb-09 01:01 PM 

should be exciteing.
I hope the subaru makes it to the end of the rally without any hiccups so as to see a true comparison between them all.

 Re: Portugal by RonSkoda

23-Feb-09 02:29 PM 

Full story:

I was surprised just how slow the Adapta Subarus were in Norway, but I am sure Marcus can do better.

 Re: Portugal by eleven

26-Feb-09 03:50 PM 

I can't wait to see Marcus back!

 Re: Portugal by teamanager

4-Mar-09 07:01 PM 

This has been the best news of the season for me......not just a Subaru entry, but a ProDrive entry with one of the best drivers of recent years. If nothing else, it will be something to cheer for.

The most depressing news ? Gronholm's comment that he might have been driving for Subaru this year if they had not withdrawn from the WRC. That just makes the SWRT's withdrawal that much worse. :(

But I am looking forward to seeing how well he can do in Portugal.

 Re: Portugal by RonSkoda

26-Mar-09 11:05 AM 

Marcus ready:

Interesting how there is not one single mention of the brand "Subaru" in this press release. Instead, it is a "Prodrive Impreza"!

 Re: Portugal by m4d-mike

26-Mar-09 04:04 PM 

all i really wanna see is maybe loeb having to work a little bit for his win this time.
can really see solberg looking for the win this time
should be really good given the standards were used to seeing.
5-1 the prodrive impreza doesnt finish evemn if god is gonna be driving

 Re: Portugal by Ron@Work

3-Apr-09 04:50 AM 

Good start by Latvala and Gronholm but we shouldn't ignore the sweeping benefit they are both getting from being late starters.

 Re: Portugal by benmk21600

3-Apr-09 05:40 AM 

Loeb`s off no misstake????

 Re: Portugal by Ron@Work

3-Apr-09 06:18 AM 

Time to give Latvala the boot methinks....

 Re: Portugal by Chris B

3-Apr-09 07:00 AM 

Very disappointed about Latvala. I am a secret fan of his, but if he keeps crashing, especially since he is maybe young but not exactly new - Portugal should have been his 71st WRC start - I will soon have to use "was" as the term with secret fan of his.

Anyway, back to normal. Yes, Loeb went off - for 25sec, Latvala went off for good.

SS5 and all 4 S2000 cars are out!

 Re: Portugal by blatant

3-Apr-09 07:04 AM 

Crucial error by Latvala in relation to the manufacturers championship. How marvellous seeing Gronholm at the point end of the field again! Why did you ever leave us Marcus?!?

 Re: Portugal by RonSkoda

3-Apr-09 07:44 AM 

The other problem with Latvala is that he hasn't been very fast this year when he has managed to keep it on the road either.

Shame Magalhaes is out, officially the unluckiest man in rallying it seems. All other S2000 cars crashed, both Abarths on shakedown!

 Re: Portugal by Chris B

3-Apr-09 08:30 AM 

"Time to give Latvala the boot methinks...."

Listening to the colleagues at WRR just now, it does seem that Latvala may well get the sack now!

I was wrong on the S2000s, as my friend Vitor Pascoal is still in the event, but he is not setting the same times as Bruno, who is incredibly quick! Bruno meanwhile really does challenge Francois Delecour for weirdest luck rally driver ever. Bruno is the only S2000 driver who can't be blamed for his retirement and in the past 2 years he has led basically every IRC event he started, but he has not had a single clean run to date!

Maybe here is a case for a driver swap. Magalhaes into the Ford to show what talent can do in WRC. And Latvala in the Peugeot Portugal car in IRC it would probably be interesting to see if he can beat this car in letting him down!

 Re: Portugal by benmk21600

3-Apr-09 08:51 AM 

Is WWR working with you?

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