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 Tommi Makinen Racing by Radiv

1-Mar-09 08:16 AM 

Just an observation, Looking at the Tommi Makinen Racing website.

For me the name Tommi Makinen is a synonyme for Mitsubishi Lancer.

Then it is strange to see the STI logo and Subarus, but he probably got a better deal with them ?

 Re: Tommi Makinen Racing by Chris B

1-Mar-09 11:01 AM 

I don't know how this connection started. But Tommi started this business pretty soon after his active career. I think today alongsiode Prodrive, Stohl and Uspenski, Tommi is the only one officially working on groupN Impreza of the new van generation.

But I know what you mean and it underlines my weird point well. For me the makes championship was always more interesting than the drivers one. I am a potential Citroen customer, but not a potential Loeb customer. And the teams pay it all. In the case of Mitsubishi and Subaru I never understood the importance of the drivers championships for them. Tommi won 4 titles in Mitsubishis, then won Monte immediately at Subaru, today prepares Subarus, so how much does Mitsubishi still have from these drivers titles? And Tommi is an extreme example, for 4 titles in a row and all those Lancer special edition road cars carrying his name. Anybody remember there were Toyota Celicas carrying Carlos Sainz's name and that his personal titles were with Toyotas? Anybody still linking Richard Burns' or Colin McRae's title to Subaru? Even Mitsubishi, they can still advertise their one and only makes title in 1998, but advertising with Tommi's name would since years fire back on them!

 Re: Tommi Makinen Racing by a-pro

5-Mar-09 01:36 PM 

Mäkinen Racing manufactures only groupN subarus. I think one big cause to this is that Tommi might think new Subaru faster than Mitsubishi E10. I don't know has there been any talk in here about who made set up's for Kimi Räikkönen punto for those two rallies in Finland, but it was Tommi himself. The rumours told that Abarth engineers were very interested about how did Tommi got punto made thight corners so well. Ofcourse Tommi wouldn't tell something like that, I wouldn't either.

 Re: Tommi Makinen Racing by Gregor

5-Mar-09 03:12 PM 

Considering how few EvoXs I've seen I'm not surprised. At the rally I attended this weekend there was one (and I think the only one in the US and Canada at the moment) that finished third behind an Evo9 and very well funded new Subaru.

One thing's for sure; if the EvoX looks to have goofy proportions putting fifteen inch wheels on it doesn't help.

 Re: Tommi Makinen Racing by Chris B

6-Mar-09 03:06 AM 

Thanks for the interesting story, a-pro.

On EvoX vs new Subaru for Tommi Mäkinen, I am not sure this is the reason. OK; I personally would prefer the EvoX on looks. But beyond that, a reason could also be because the new Impreza was launched before the EvoX. And the new van style Impreza has not been promising until now either. Besides Tommi Mäkinen ran his team already before the new cars came and he ran Subarus then too.

 Re: Tommi Makinen Racing by teamanager

6-Mar-09 08:56 PM 

Van style....OK, I'd say that was appropriate.

re the new Evo's, I see that Antoine L'Estage took the win at the first round of the Canadian National series a couple of weeks ago in "a new Evo" that he apparently took delivery of just before the rally. - Rallye Rerce Neiges -

But....until he blew his motor, current champion Pat Richard was way ahead in the Subaru Canada "van" :)

Despite the shut down of the Subaru World Rally Team, both Subaru Canada and Subaru USA are continuing to run teams.

Sorry, I know this is all about Tommi Makinen. Maybe this is part of a deal that Tommi worked out when he moved from Mitsubishi to Subaru.

 Re: Tommi Makinen Racing by Gregor

10-Mar-09 01:07 PM 

The picture I linked is the same car two weeks ago in southern Missouri; L'Estage and Tanner Faust are sharing it for this year. I do wish Richard would make it down to more US events. Comre-Picard does quite well with an old Evo and somehow manages to attend both US and Canadian events.

 Re: Tommi Makinen Racing by teamanager

12-Mar-09 12:17 AM 

Yes, I'd like to see Richard running more of the US rallies too. The more top teams you can get out there - at any rally - the more interesting the event is going to be.

Pat is running a solo effort on behalf of Subaru Canada - his team is the entire Subaru Canada effort - and there is no question that Subaru expect his full attention to the Canadian National series. When Pat ran regularly both sides of the border, the Subaru Canada cars were based at Can-Jam in Toronto, and all Pat had to do was be a driver.

Now he's running the Subaru team, and also supporting/building/rebuilding the cars of several other drivers. I doubt that leaves him a lot of time for other rally programs.

That's interesting that L'Estage and Faust are sharing a car - I didn't know that. I expect it's a good deal for L'Estage, but it's also a shame in some ways - it takes away the only competitive Hyundai team that was still running. Has John Buffum lined anything else up ?

 Re: Tommi Makinen Racing by Gregor

13-Mar-09 04:05 PM 

The Evo wasn't ready for Sno*Drift in January Tanner drove the Hyundai this year. That poor car's very old now and each time I see it it's older and more temperamental. At every control where I was it would stall if left to its own devices. The other one is in Canada I think as well.

As long as the shared Evo isn't crashed it's a good deal for them both as I don't think there is much overlap between Rally America and CARS this year.

Buffam taking it over is interesting since he was working for Subaru of America last year. I wonder if it was his idea to bring Derek Ringer over when Pastrana's codriver decided to take a break last year. Now that that break seems to be over Ringer is apparently training a third driver for Subaru, BMX star Dave Mirra.

 Re: Tommi Makinen Racing by teamanager

13-Mar-09 07:44 PM 

Good to hear. In these days of restricted budgets and concerns about how many teams will be able to do a full season it's good to see that there is actually some growth in the sport.