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 Re: Technical Regulations from 2013 by AndyRAC

4-Mar-09 03:30 AM 

Andy Burton's Peugeot Cosworth is 4WD, and I think is class B13/B14, though I stand to be corrected. I think it's a 2.9cc V6 engine.

 Re: Technical Regulations from 2013 by m4d-mike

5-May-09 05:32 AM 

yes but andys car is going to be banned. it is a space frame car.
in ireland we can convert cars to rwd and use any engine we want tha most popular are suzuki 1300 which is good for 160 bhp
toyota 1600 for 180bhp and the vaux redtop which can do 260 bhp
then the ps and crossflows too but im not sure what they can produce.
personally i dont think they need a radical change. just some ajustments to get more cars competing.
like open entry for pionts.
minimum production runs
and standard ecus
2l turbo wita standard ecu and maybe a single spec suspension system cos thats the speed is coming look at the 500 bhp groub b cars how many of thier stage records still stand

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