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 Re: Cyprus Rally by teamanager

18-Mar-09 10:13 PM 

With regard to whether or not Loeb is the greatest.....we all seem to be making out that he isn't the best because there is no-one that can challenge him these days.

But....Maybe that is the measure of his else has been able to so completely dominate ALL his rivals. We are simply assuming that Hirvonen, Latvala, and even Gronholm are lesser drivers than those that came before.

I suggest that without Loeb in the picture these drivers would be rated very highly. It is perhaps unfortunate for THEM that they have to be compared to Sebastien Loeb.

Note also that Loeb did drive against Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz - in the same team, no less - and he was able to beat both of them.

I have never been a Citroen fan - and I really dislike the looks of the current C4 - but I really do think that Loeb is the best yet.

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