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 WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by Radiv

16-Mar-09 04:08 AM 

The TV production that I see on Eurosport has been the same for years - What can be done to improve the 30 min daily reports, to become more interesting than they are today ?

 Re: WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by RonSkoda

16-Mar-09 04:13 AM 

Commentator not pretending that the event is running "as live" would be a good start!

 Re: WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by AndyRAC

16-Mar-09 04:28 AM 

The coverage was better about 10 years ago when BBC Worldwide filmed it. ISC are rubbish!! Totally clueless!!

 Re: WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by Radiv

16-Mar-09 07:55 AM 

I feel they need to have more cameraes out on the stages, it it pointless to look at the drivers face, and also less in car camera shots.

Virtual spectator is a good tool, but nedd to be used smart, and over a loger periode on a stage to really see the drivers gain or loose, to se a pattern on they have strengths and weaknesses.

Picture in picture is also a known way that could be used more.

I would like to see more shots the outside of the car, but then they need to get cameraes the stages.

The in-car solution is in the long run useless, but of course save them money !

 Re: WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by levingt

16-Mar-09 11:31 AM 

Any sort of over reliance on one type of technology will lead to people getting bored if they cant choose what they want to watch.

More cameras on stage is a good call but obviously costs money, which would mean more of the same panning Ad banner to Ad banner. I have said before this is not good...being smarter with Ads is the way increase retention rates and deliver results for sponsors and not turn people off.

OK I think the whole delivery of rally needs to be broken up zones. Pre event, event, and wrap up and critically during the event it needs to be linked with information to make it meaningful.

So pre event as done already, interviews, event previews, shakedown on

Event incar cams in all cars pushed out to Youtube mostly because google have spent shite loads on their servers and can handle the demand also there are some advertising revenues to be made. Have those videos linked to the stage times page, with twitter applet and rally radio, maybe the live feed facebook. Everything you need to follow a Rally ever and whenever, sitting in with your favorite crew or crews for the whole Rally or checking out movers and shakers on the leader board. Half hour Daily wrap ups for TV. Rally feature videos on, basically lower demand stuff.

Wrap up one hour TV broadcast, get some apps for Facebook, games, trivia, virtual spectator stuff for analysis and discussion.

As far as TV, I like watching the 90s Mobile one topgear brc. It has a warm feeling to it. Irc also has that has that panning banner Ad to banner know they are there....I actually find myself looking to see if I can read them... after just recently watching the coverage on SBS for Norway, I think N1TV have almost got the right mix of background stories, location promotion...but there was something lacking, it might come down to the actual event...maybe there was not enough drama or maybe just some of the editing was too racy and repetitive.

Looking forward to watching Cyprus...

 Re: WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by Scoobyfan

16-Mar-09 03:01 PM 

Dave TV's coverage of WRC Cyprus was AWFUL! What on Earth do they think they're doing inviting celebrities in the form of unamusing comedians onto the programme? Sean Hughes wasn't funny and I bet he knows as much about the WRC as I do about nuclear physics. DAVE TV are letting WRC fans down...big time! Since Channel 4 ceased covering the WRC, no-one has bothered to get it right.

What should be done is to have a team of presenters like Bob Reid, Nicky Grist and Derek Ringer. People who actually know a lot about rallying.

 Re: WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by bringbackrealrallying

16-Mar-09 04:23 PM 

personally, i'm not that fussed about following the rally unless i'm there and by the time it goes out on tv we all know the results so knocking the as live commentary and virtual spectator rhubarb on the head would be a good idea. what I want to see is the cars being driven, from the outside, you cant see bugger all from inside, power steering makes it look too easy aswell! Basically, any crap that isnt a car getting driven quickly through a stage is time wasted. If you want to see what it should be like watch any of the reviews of rallys from about 1980-1992 that are on youtube. plus, I think every rally should have at least 1 stage (a proper stage, not some rich blokes garden or a super special) live on tv, preferably at night, much like the monte this year, its not too hard to do really.
It would be nice if they catered for people who actually like rallying and who know about it. The coverage on dave is pants because it seems to be aimed at the casual watcher who sat on the remote and switched over from eastenders by accident. some experts would be nice too, although I didnt care much for Robbie Head when he was on 4, or Nicky Grist. the best coverage used to be Tony Mason and his dodgy cap on Top Gear Rally Report, I say get him back!

 Re: WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by levingt

16-Mar-09 09:51 PM 

The being there is what the in car footage is about....I'm saying be there with your favorite crew/s throughout the entire Rally, ok excluding road sections except whear there is a retirement or other point of interest. Whearever you are in the world and whenever....this can be replicated for all Championships Rally and other.

The TV broadcast which is important, if you are in a broadcast region, "would an official torrent server be out of the question" will give you a different perspective on events at a later time.

I want to watch ERC, ARC, APRC, WRC, IRC, SCCA, MERC and any other FIA Championship...I would probably watch more F1 to if you could sit in drivers for the whole race.

For years I have just been happy with the emails sent out by this site, and then just waiting for the TV broadcast which is ok, but now the technology is available...

I'm so sick of ball sports!!!!

 Re: WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by Chris B

17-Mar-09 07:16 AM 

"I'm so sick of ball sports!!!!"

Here here!

Somewheere I have a photo of a Peugeot Sport tool box that has written on "rugby, tennis football needs one ball, rallying needs two!"

Not receiving DAVE, I must admit I dont like this idea as I dont see much point in those unrelated celebreties. Even for newcomers to this sport, it gives an unintelligent picture not telling at all what this sport is about. It certainly would put me off anything new to me.

My personal opinion - strictly my personal - would be to cut the WRC program as is now completely and lets IRC show their rounds every weekend. Even in the 80s and 90s, as mentioned already, name things by name, kudos to Duke, I always loved their work! Also BHP, Chris Courteyn, Piet Sinner, latter RTL, in the 80s even to see on German RTL, everybody of these delivered absolute ace stuff, showing I am not just complaining for complaints sake, but it can in fact be done!

To name a specific example, absolutely first thing on my mind would be throw those face and feet onboard pictures in the bin, they tell absolutely nothing whatsoever! Instead give me more of whatever was in my drink in Monte Carlo! Whatever it was, it can't have been healthy, but it was so nice, addictive.... Including the onboards.

 Re: WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by blatant

18-Mar-09 04:19 AM 

Yn-cat shots are boring and tell us nothing. Also, those fixed cameras set up on the inside of corners so the cars flash past, tell us nothing either.
I want to see long shots, seeing the cars work through a whole series of corners so we can really get a feel of which drivers are handling the conditions best. I've found myself gravitating to YouTube where fans post their videos of them standing on a corner and you can compare each car as they come through. Often the footage is better than Eurosport.
Also, helicopters camera's!!!! What the hell happened to those? Espcially in countries like NZ, Finland and Sweden, nothing shows consumate car control like the shots from above.
Also, Eurosport commentary is moronic, lets pretend the people watching already know something about the sport.
And the other day I was looking through some old files and came across a few videos I shot from my tiny compact digital camera, and the sound kicked ass! Even the cars sitting idling sounded utterlly chunky, I'd forgotten how good they are! Why do they sound so asthmatic on TV?

 Re: WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by RonSkoda

18-Mar-09 08:37 AM 

I agree that fan footage is often better than the ISC stuff. Czechs are especially good at that :)

I must again point out though that the WRC commentary and camerwork on Eurosport is not Eurosport's own work but is from ISC, the rights holders to WRC. Eurosport's own coverage of IRC is much better, although the commentary quality can be patchy, they show us plenty of helicopter stuff, onboards facing forwards and spend less time focussing on trackside sponsor logos!

 Re: WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by Chris B

18-Mar-09 08:54 AM 

In line with blatants good comments, I wish to more specify my earlier post.

1 - the ISC WRC footage is not interesting because the whole championship with its rules is not interesting. There is nothing the ISc can do about this, sadly, so no blame on them.

The other day I was pointed to a comment the Belgian TV station RTBF made in an IRC report, I think it was Curitiba or just after. I can't find the link now, but this is quoting the French commentator with Google translator ""Moi meme following (or later ...) the WRC, at the present time, there are rules that I do not understand and another that I find completely absurd ... so for someone who will not know much ... it runs fast heels, that's it, that many people criticized the WRC." He hit the nail on the head!

2 - Exactly what Blatant says. We see banners and faces, that's it.

In WRC the road side cameras say nothing - and aren't even good for the sponsors, as apart from road side banners you only see the cars in a flash, not what is written on them. Same way, the run over floor cameras say nothing, the onboard cameras, against common sense strangely NOT pointed in direction of travel, say absolutely nothing at all. In short, I dare to say that at least 80 percent of the ISC camera work is the worst I have seen of any rally footage!

In comparison IRC. The onboard cameras point in the direction every normal human being would point them, they could maybe show a little more road side, but the road side stuff they have is good, they are sensible with series sponsors and the helicopter footage is gigantic.

As by recent comments I have seen here, some further notes to two of the points.

It was several times said - can't find it now, but this point really gave me as a soccer basher joy - that showing the same road side banner ads can turn to overkill and such have a negative advertising effect. I find the IRC way of doing this very good. They dont seem to show purposefully road side banners above cars and everything, but every time they interview a driver in service, wheere you have to pay less attanetion to action, the TV crew carries around a see through wall with them stickers, simple, not annoying but efficient.

And them helicopter footage, I am surprised not everyone seems to like it. I rate it as hugely important. Even if the cars are small on them, the country sight is a hugely important aspect of arllying, it superbly shows to the onlookers what is unique about this rally and it does show how the cars are handled. Like them or not, rally footage without at least 15-20 percent helicopter material is a sin to this sport! Shame I dont seem to find it on the internet now. Anyone find the helicopter footage of Stig Blomqvist in the HB Audi Quattro in Rally NZ 1984. It is an absolute classic, you must see it to understand what I am saying.

 Re: WRC TV Show - How to Improve ! by Chris B

18-Mar-09 09:05 AM 

"Even the cars sitting idling sounded utterlly chunky, I'd forgotten how good they are! Why do they sound so asthmatic on TV?"

Could equally or better fit to the other long thread, but this reminds me that some of my friends find me strange, don't they, Mike B? Because I love hanging around in service and often sacrifice stage action for this. It is maybe because I am technically interested and like meeting old and new contacts. But more even because I don't find the current cars that exciting. It also has to do with history. Every time I go to a rally I remember visiting several Belgian Championship rounds in 1993, when the main battle was Patrick Snijers in the red-white Bastos works spec R.A.S. Escort Cosy against Robert Droogmans in the yellow-blue Boxy's works spec Gordon Spooner Escort Cosy. Both cars featured sidepipe exhausts and standing next to them at idle for 10 minutes was 10 minutes of orgasmic shivers down my spine! A modern rally car cannot give me anywheere near that sensation even on full song!