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 Rallying fans take on my dissertation by hamn

19-Mar-09 01:59 PM 

Hey all

I’m doing a dissertation based on F1 brand awareness. If possible I would like feedback from fans of a range of motorsport platforms to compare results.

If you have a few minutes to spare, please take some time in filling it out.

Thanks in advance!

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by levingt

19-Mar-09 09:24 PM 

hey I took the survey, do I get a prize?

kidding, I don't watch that much F1 and therefore I found the singular associations difficult. And really I don't think they count for much, unless you are trying to show that people have bad memory.

A few more questions of broader associations for example, from this list can you identify if these brands are associated with F1 or can you name brands that are associated with F1.

Reason being is although the teams and sponsors like to build singular associations and they can be supremely effective, the fact is without the other teams and sponsors in competition the effectiveness of motorsport as a marketing platform diminishes.

So what I'm putting forward to you is that the effectiveness of a marketing program in motorsport cannot be measured on that basis alone.

I think more important aspects to be measured are, viewing audience numbers, what brands this viewing audience know are associated with the sport and importantly how that makes them feel.

Good luck with the dissertation.

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by Chris B

20-Mar-09 05:04 AM 

Well, good look. I personally would have felt it much easier to identify sponsors with rally teams. It would have been nice if this fact could have been identified with this research. Well, as it is, you can only show if F1 sponsoring is effective, with a bad result that could be negative on the whole motorsport unjustifiedly. Fair enough, F1 gets more TV time than any other motorsport. But of the motorsport fans, who would look closer at details, I don't think I am the only one not finding much interest in F1. Because I cannot identify my or any brand by the shape of the so called cars, they could as well be cart of motorbike producers. Hence how do I link a sponsor to Renault when I don't recognize my Renault in the first place?

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by teamanager

20-Mar-09 12:38 AM 

"F1 gets more TV time than any other motorsport".......maybe I'm only seeing what's in front of my own nose, but I'd have to disagree with that one. Try NASCAR. I've almost given up watching "Speed TV" because it has become so boring. It just goes on and on and on and....well, you get the point.

It's sad, because they used to have very good WRC coverage a few years ago.

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by Chris B

20-Mar-09 07:39 PM 

teamanager, I think this may only apply to Northern America. Here in Germany if you say NASCAR people would think of a wet t-shirt car wash thingy - nass is German for wet. Here, if we get any motorsport on TV it is them cigar shaped go-karts called F1, for the first 3 months of the year until F1 starts we have this truck trial called Dakar that is nowheere near Dakar and despite nobody starting but VW, and strangely we then get no other raid event for the rest of the year, but Dakar is talked about for 3 months. And I would think the rest of Europe or the rest of the non-NASCAR world is similar.

Despite the total ignorance to real rallying on our TV, and even before IRC's refreshing 2009 attempt, I would bet a lot more people here would know about Turini night than about NASCAR, which is never ever heard about here. And that despite we just celebrated the 20th anniversary of total ignorance to rallying on any German TV station.

I remember well, the last rally any German TV station reported about was RAC 1988. Which is remarkable, because this was long after the era of Röhrl, Opel and Audi and before Schwarz hit the scene big, so no excuses they would show it if there was a German star. But that is another subject...

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by teamanager

21-Mar-09 05:56 PM 

If you do not have to suffer from NASCAR TV you should count your blessings. The one channel over here that is dedicated to motoring and motorsports does cover F1, but hardly in a way to attract big audiences. All the big European grands prix are shown live - and for us out on the West Coast that means at 4:00am Sunday morning. The only GPs that are on at a reasonable time (Saturday evening) are Australia, Malaysia, and then Japan and Brazil (ooh....late Sunday morning).

I understand we have Mr Ecclestone to thank for the timing. No wonder F1 hasn't made much impact in North America.

But receives probably 100 times the coverage of your beloved football ;) which they call soccer here, and probably more TV time than any other sport. On Sunday afternoons the TV audience has a choice of NASCAR (they seem to race every weekend for about nine months) and American football.

On top of that we get "race analysis", "race preview" and panel shows with NASCAR drivers discussing.....NASCAR...every week. There seems to be at least two shows daily. You could probably find a show dedicated to finding out what colour of underwear each of the 40 odd drivers wear. Of yes, and there's the Truck series too, and a lesser series caled the Busch series that looks exactly the same but is apparently different.

To watch "Dakar" you have to watch the "Outdoor Life" channel. They see it as great adventure, requiring endurance and a battle against the great outdoors. Too bad they can't see rally that way anymore.

If you don't get NASCAR, count your blessings.

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by RonSkoda

22-Mar-09 02:14 AM 

I did the survey and for my sins I reckon I got almost all of the matches correct.

I do watch F1 (hides for cover) and despite the round-roundy ness it has been far more of an interesting sport to follow from the competition point of view over the past few years than WRC.

At least in F1 they have corners going in both direction as compared to that American stuff.

Chris says he would have an easier time linking sponsors with rally teams. If we are talking WRC team's sponsors, well then they are pretty thin on the ground!

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by Chris B

23-Mar-09 06:35 AM 

But receives probably 100 times the coverage of your beloved football ;)

This is completely impossible. Shame I don’t find who and where said about advertising overkill having the reverse effect. I have no problem if other people have different interests to me, but the same way the fact that I may have different interests should be respected, and I am surely not alone. What happens at the moment is that each German TV station I recon has a cummulated 6-7 hours soccer each day. This is including documentaries wheere i.e. they are completely unable to tell the length of a ship or bridge in metres or yards but in how many soccer fields you can fit on them – since I don’t know, nor do I want to know, how long a soccer field is and how to break down its width for the bridge is smaller, and since I can not see the relation unless the bridge or ship is green and made of grass, the documentary has then lost me completely and I switch off – or important indicents like 9-11, Opel bankruptcy, the Winnenden school shootings, before we get an interview by the victims, police or politicians, we get an interview by a selection of soccer players, because obviously their opinions and feelings are more important.

Not to mention most stations show soccer at the same time, to make sure you can’t miss it and if you don’t want soccer, togh, you pay your TV licence for nothing. Besides at the moment German soccer teams and managers are demanding that the TV icence is raised by 2 Euros for soccer only, because soccer has so little money and TV time, it is so dicciult to find and support new stars. Of course our government considers this, because we have no more important worries and it would never cross their minds anyone in the whole of Germany could be interested in more than one type of sport. And I am not exaggerating. Even MTV Germany talks about soccer, and as ironic it may sound, one of my favourite channels is EuroSport, because they bring less soccer than any German terrestrial TV station. Maybe most important in this conversation, RTL Germany did an attempt of showing WRC. Not sure if they still do, because the program came normally with a 3-weeks delay Sunday mornings 4am before an F1 race. Only once I watched it, I think it was Australia or NZ, wheere I thought soccer was not very famous at all, anyway more than half of the half hour program was introducing the country in showing us the national soccer scene, plus adverts left us with maybe 7-8 minutes rally. I never stood up early Sunday mornings again, because I can watch soccer all day if I want to.

All this makes me hate soccer even more. In our conversation, if in your country there is 100 times more NASCAR than we have soccer, that would be around 600 hours per day on each station, and I am convinced if the days were 600hrs long, surely they would extend the soccer coverage over here accordingly to at least 500hrs!

Poah, rant over, but what I described here is honest, including having to pay for this soccer bollox, never mind I want to support a different sport in what we are being told German is a democracy, not a dictatorship. So you see why it gets that much on my tits. Normally I would not have a problem with people liking soccer, just leave me in peace with it, and if you can’t leave me in peace with it, you shouldnt be surprised I will hate it and rant!

“Chris says he would have an easier time linking sponsors with rally teams. If we are talking WRC team's sponsors, well then they are pretty thin on the ground!”

Actually a point for further discussion. Citroens looked dull most of the time. Now I link Total and Red Bull to Citroen. I link Abu Dhabi and BP to Ford, even Karcher, but the problem is that in recent years, compared to all red Citroens and all blue Subarus, Ford was the only team with clear sponsoring deals, and their cars are so much plastered in harlekin colours that it is difficult to notice single sponsors. Maybe with Citroen Total also makes good adverts beyond the sport linking to Citroen WRC. IRC I think Abarth and Skoda deliver nice brand awareness. I couldn’t name you a sub sponsor on those cars off my head. Equally as strange, first sponsor on the Kronos Peugeots to jump to my mind is Prefal alongside Total, probably because I wondered wheere Prefal finds the connection to rallying. Though I am not saying unconnected sponsors should stay out, more in contrary, come in the more. I still identify Xavier Pons’ Lancer WRC with Burger King. Maybe struggling to think of the connection makes the ad even more memorable.

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by AndyRAC

23-Mar-09 06:38 AM 

Rally sponsors, er, Red Bull, Abu Dhabi, Stobart,....

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by Chris B

23-Mar-09 06:49 AM 

That said, connection or not, one of the most present motorsport adverts to my mind seems X-Box 360. The X-Box green on the IRC 2007 Peugeots was very distinct and when I wander through Saarbrücken shopping mile, a 1-18 207 model car jumps straight into view in a shopping window for its distinct X-Box green. Strangely, although I have as little interest in Le Mans racing as in F1, I do know that X-Box 360 is or was also present in Le Mans on the works Peugeots and the private Pescarolo cars, but I could not tell you if X-Box is present in F1!

If this is because X-Box has a connection to rallying or you are in fact wondering about it a la Burger King or Prefal, could be a good discussion here. X-Box would have motorsport games. On me the effect is that if I wouldn't have a Sony PS game console already, such no need to buy another one, I would today for my needs and wishes quite likely consider the X-Box over the Sony PS.

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by teamanager

25-Mar-09 07:00 PM 

I'm sorry Chris, I didn't make my point clear. I was not comparing the coverage for NASCAR to the coverage for football (soccer) on a worldwide scale. It is only in North America, where football (soccer) also has difficulty getting coverage except during the World Cup. Perhaps this too shows the widely different culture in the two parts of the western world - Europe and America.

You can perhaps see it too in our differing views on the benefits or otherwise of 4wd cars. Here, 4wd is taken as a big benefit, yet in Europe it seems it is different.

C'est la vie !

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by Chris B

26-Mar-09 05:02 PM 

It seems tempting to say maybe the US car market is still outdated compared to Europe. Here is a clear trend that modern electronics compensate for 4x4. So not going too deep this. I see road tests cars as Ford Focus RS with 300BHP FWD are praised and I suffer with a 4x4 car that is heavy in steering, clutch and heavy full stop. However keeping short because recently I had a brand sparkling new 308 SW for a couple of months and I was shocked how inefficient ESP is compared to my 15 years old 4x4!

So no soccer in USA If you now start building a market for stylish cars that dont need a 6 litre V8 to get 160BHP, I will move! LOL

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by blatant

3-Apr-09 07:08 AM 

l would say globally that F1 receives the majority of motorsport coverage by far. I too am an F1 fan, I watch all the races, and the last few seasons have been infinitly better than the boredom the WRC keeps serving up.
Thing is, F1 keeps making changes, searching for the best way to do things. If something sucks, they get rid of it and try something else. If something sucks in WRC, they make it compulsory, double it and then wonder why no one watches!

 Re: Rallying fans take on my dissertation by Chris B

3-Apr-09 07:29 AM 

"If something sucks, they get rid of it and try something else. If something sucks in WRC, they make it compulsory, double it and then wonder why no one watches!"

That's interesting. If I am daring, my strictly personal view of the FIA was that they don't have the balls to admit mistakes. I.e. we have slim entries as a result of 2-car teams. Returning from this mistake all would have been fine. But no, we don't do mistakes and sell you souprally to fine tune the original mistake. This is one of dozens of examples. If in F1 it is different, maybe there is hope. However from one mistake to the next, we are so far down a confusing route that it would be best to cut and start afresh - Long live the IRC!