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 A roll over like I have never seen before by dpstorpedo

6-Apr-09 08:38 PM 

I can't believe this roll over didn't kill someone.

 Re: A roll over like I have never seen before by m4d-mike

7-Apr-09 02:10 PM 

look up colin mcrae crazy moments carlos sains or tommi mekinen all have rolled worse and without the use of a cliff to get more spins in

 Re: A roll over like I have never seen before by Chris B

7-Apr-09 04:59 PM 

Mäkinen in Argentina was one to behold. There was a cameraman on the exit who should have been dead, but he luckily escaped unscathed because where he stood Tommi rolled another 2 times so high in the air the camerman could stand upright under the car wondering whats going on.

Can't remember the exact event, but I do remember an occasion of Ari Vatanen, always good for the weirdest and wildest crashes in the Rothmans Escort, he crashed so violently that Fiat picked up the car by mistake! Ari left the crash scene and Markku Alen crashed further on on the same stage. Fair enough an Escort Mk2 and a Fiat 131 had about the same size and Fiats colour scheme that year circelt around blue shades of stripes in similar shape as the Rothmans ones, but minus gold and red. Anyway picture Fiat mechanics recovering and unloading a car, not realising it wasn't theirs!

Just thinking of another classic Vatanen Rothmans Escort scene I coincidentally found what I was looking for in the IRC Brazil story. In Brazil a Kronos service barge could not reach the remote service and Abarth was fueling and spanner checking the Peugeots, otherwise all 3 Peugeot would have retired on the spot. Martini Lancia said to this "If this was in the Cesare Fiorio days, he would have filled them up with diesel", me not aware what year it was, thought however of Fiorio as one of the cleverest team bosses with the weirdest ideas, but unfair he was not.

So we are in Rally Portugal 1980, which eventually was won by a Fiat 1-2 Walter Röhrl and Markku Alen. However proving the sportsmanship even more, at the time part 1 of the incident happened, Fords mobile shredder driver Ari Vatanen was leading ahead of Fiats Walter Röhrl. The david Sutton Ford team was out of petrol and the Fords were due to retire, when Fiat waved them over and filled the leading Ford with petrol!

Part2 was on day2, when Vatanen lead and Mikkola was 3rd. However in starting order it was Mikkola 4th car on the road, Vatanen 5th car. Hannu Mikkola, always a cool, calm, dry Finnish gentlemen, went off and radio'd to the team "Rothmans Hannu to Rothmans David, we are 10 yads below the roa... crashcrunchrattlecrunch ...and Ari just joined us, please pick us up!" The whole Ford team whiped out from podium positions in the same corner! And Ari used to heavy crashes and not knowing his team mate was already down that bank, his first reaction apparently was looking in the rear view mirror, seeing the rear lights of a Rothmans Escort "OK, ripped plain in halves, that's for once no need trying if it can still move!"

 Re: A roll over like I have never seen before by Chris B

7-Apr-09 05:13 PM 

Photographer McKlein captured both these Portugal 1980 stories!

 Re: A roll over like I have never seen before by starboardtac

8-Apr-09 12:21 AM 

Markko in Argentina.

Petter meets Hinklestein was a pretty good one too.