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 S2000 World Cup by Ron@Work

28-May-09 02:43 AM 

According to a brief mention in Autosport today, there will be an "S2000 World Cup" running alongside WRC events in 2010.

Hmmm, wonder why they've come up with that idea lol!

However, I actually think it is a good idea to have S2000 seperate from pWRC, but creating another subseries of WRC when pWRC and jWRC are so poorly supported seems like a bit of a dumb idea.

 Re: S2000 World Cup by Chris B

28-May-09 06:21 PM 

Hmm, let me think. We have WRCars with two brands, then we have the Wilson-Rautenbach challenge, the PWRC, the JWRC, the S2000, the Pirellis and the gN Fiestas. All these categories would guarantee at least 15 starters total for every WRC event and we can keep the top8 points system, nominations, 2-car teams and we don't even need to mention the navigators to make up the numbers. LOL

 Re: S2000 World Cup by m4d-mike

3-Jun-09 11:56 AM 

i would agree with this if the handed all their buget and organisation responsibilities ovet to the irc camp and let them run the whole show.

we would have cars from a number of different classes racing at the same time.
like th rallies i go to
see every weekend
and let the s1600 out first to sweep the roads

 Re: S2000 World Cup by teamanager

3-Jun-09 05:21 PM 

Why on Earth would the WRC promoters want to include something that has the potential to take attention away from the actual WRC ?

I think they'd be happier seeing the S2000's stay in IRC.

 Re: S2000 World Cup by Radiv

5-Aug-09 02:59 PM 

Petter has a plan to field a two car team in 2010, one WRC and one in the S2000 cup.

Lets see if he pulls it off, and who the second driver will be ?

 Re: S2000 World Cup by Gregor

5-Aug-09 03:24 PM 

Did Petter get some kind of super-severance package from Subaru? It's a great idea but must be expensive, more than say the Rautenbach family's willing to spend.

 Re: S2000 World Cup by Chris B

6-Aug-09 05:05 AM 

The combination WRCar and S2000 car surprises me a bit. Except that, last year it already looked for a moment like he could team up with his brother, who brings Expert money as well. In any case, the program may probably be cheaper than what the Rautenbach family pays, as he probably wouldn't select a driver who keeps cruising innto trees.

 Re: S2000 World Cup by Radiv

6-Aug-09 03:01 PM 

He will have more than a few weeks to set up the team this time....

He is a man that the sponsors love, both him and his brother, and we don't have many of those at the top of WRC today.

S2000 is to get experience with that kind of car, and maybe at the same time if he manages, work with a team to develop a 2011 or whenever it might happen that the 1600T is going to be used in anger.

He has a plan !

 Re: S2000 World Cup by Radiv

13-Oct-09 03:47 AM 

Has anyone at all signed up for this cup ?

When is the deadline for teams that want to do it in 2010 ?