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 The Emperor is dead by starboardtac

24-Jun-09 08:41 AM 

Manufacturers tell FIA to f-off.

Max retreats with his tail between his legs and vows to leave the motorsports world at peace so as to spend more time with his mistresses and large collection of leather garments:

 Re: The Emperor is dead by m4d-mike

24-Jun-09 02:12 PM 

thank christ for that, now we get a decent series too with events that are (ahem) fun to watch.
the only thing yet to be seen is whether mosely actually steps down this time.

 Re: The Emperor is dead by starboardtac

4-Jul-09 06:56 AM 

A new gig for Max?

This at least starts to explain a few things about the FIA...

 Re: The Emperor is dead by Elliott

13-Jul-09 04:16 PM 

If only Vader would throw HIM down a trench, that would be sweet