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 WRC and IRC Scoring by erocracing

1-Jul-09 04:25 PM 

From what I can determine and I may be wrong there were five IRC Rallies of which all were scored except for Sata Rallye. However, overall IRC points show only 3 rallies scored

In addition, the overall tipping score for WRC shows 8 events completed but only seven events were scored

Was the 5th IRC event added to the WRC event in error or am I missing something

 Re: WRC and IRC Scoring by Chris B

1-Jul-09 08:08 PM 

Haha, cought.

This is exactly what happened, well observed and analysed erocracing! IRC Ypres has been counted towards WRC overall tally and I have to admit it was my stupid mistake. Now I am having to wait for Adrian to rescue me.

For now please ignore the tipping overall results for both championships, they are simply wrong. Single event results are all correct, though I am not calculating Poland until error has been corrected. Meanwhile IRC Russia tipping is open.

 Re: WRC and IRC Scoring by erocracing

2-Jul-09 08:48 AM 


 Re: WRC and IRC Scoring by rolfi

22-Jul-09 08:01 PM 

i understand the problems to manteinance the tipping, but this are the facts that makes people is not interested to continue and every new tip has less people. please, make an extaodinary effort to put the tip in order. Salu2 (greetings)