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 Finland - please explain the rules to me! by Chris B

2-Aug-09 04:56 AM 

Yes, that's how far this silly show has got. Even I need to find someone explaining the rules to me, so how frustrating must this be to the TV manager who shall buy a show his audience understands....

Top15 revers starting order was brilliant, so the FIA disallowed it since 2008. Finland leg2 starting order in positions, like all year. Leg3 first 2 stages starting order in positions again, but 3rd stage, which is a re-run of the 2nd day's stage, we suddenly have reverse starting order again.? Top10 reverse?. Changing starting order mid day?. Please explain!

Teams, even M2 have to nominate for points, they have to do a minimum number of rounds with maximum 2 drivers. They have 2 fixed start numbers each. Munchies has in 09 start numbers 9 and 10. Villagra #9. Then Munchies invites Matti Rantanen to drive their 2nd car in Finland. Rantanen accordingly starts with nominated team entry number 10. But despite this, only Villagra is entitled for makes points, Rantanen is not! Please explain!