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 2009 tipping by Chris B

3-Aug-09 02:06 PM 

Why is the original thread locked?

Tipping is back to normal.

I believe in Finland we had the most undeserved tipping winner ever - it's the guy who made the fuck up in the tipping system himself! Sorry - and thanks to Adrian fixing it!

Congrats to S.Rokland for winning the IRC Madeira round and moving up to 5th in IRC overall tally. May I point out that I myself came 6th in Madeira without getting a single tip correct! That must be a new record!

And kudos to Maui J In the overall competition he is leading WRC and 2nd behind Rallyman 91 in IRC. May I point out at this chance that Maui J provided me with time consuming scans of all Rally NZ spectator guides of the past 30 years - without his help our database would not be the same!

Other names to note. Erocracing had all rights to be impatient with our problem. In the overall tally he is 2nd WRC and 4th IRC. Starboardtac is 4th in WRC tipping and catching up in IRC with 3rd best tip in Madeira. So we have some real experts here!

It will take at least a week until entry lists for the next rounds are out, keep enjoying the competition.

 Re: 2009 tipping by Maui J.

4-Aug-09 03:48 AM 

Wow! It's been awhile since I've been on this forum. Yeah the tipping is going pretty good this year.
In past years I picked who I wanted to win, usually an underdog, this year I've given it a bit more thought.

No Rally NZ this year! The pain is unbearable!!

 Re: 2009 tipping by starboardtac

12-Aug-09 07:35 AM 

Too bad I missed a round in the IRC. Do we get to drop a round like the real series? ;)

 Re: 2009 tipping by Chris B

12-Aug-09 04:00 PM 

Yes, Acores, LOL

That would actually be quite some idea! Not changing it for this year I don't think, but what do others think of droop scores, and I could talk to Adrian?

 Re: 2009 tipping by Chris B

6-Sep-09 04:36 PM 

Just for info, original tipping results have been changed and online is now the new version following the very, very late stewarts decission.

Win for MauiJ and huge lead for him in the overall tally

 Re: 2009 tipping by rolfi

10-Sep-09 08:02 AM 

what happened with Barum tips?

 Re: 2009 tipping by Chris B

11-Sep-09 03:43 AM 

Good point, I think I couldn't access it for a server glitch and then forgot it, sorry - and is it me or does the server stop today ever again for a minute or so?

Anyway, thanks for the reminder, put them up now. Barum was won by Peg306 ahead of Maui J, Maui such now leads both series, which I believe we never had before!

 Re: 2009 tipping by gemini

11-Oct-09 01:01 AM 

Hey why is the tipping showing me as having entered all rounds when in fact I missed one? Cheers

 Re: 2009 tipping by Chris B

25-Oct-09 12:39 AM 

More than 1 point is the gap in our tipping competition. Congrats to Maui J, who won the 2009 WRC tipping with a gap of 136 points, slightly more than Loeb's gap over 2nd. I think we have never had anyone win this that clearly or by over 100 points at all!