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 Election for new FIA President by Radiv

5-Aug-09 03:02 PM 

So far it looks like two candidates, but it is btw the 11 Sep and 2 Oct the candidates have to present their candidacy and full list if names in their team.

Who do you prefer to lead for the next 4 years ?

 Re: Election for new FIA President by Chris B

6-Aug-09 02:18 PM 

This is a tough one. Anyone would be better than the current regime. Not getting innto the current regime, but they have only two candidates, but both very high profile ones.

I have deepest respect for Jean Todt ever since he ran Peugeot Talbot Sport. He has proven his management qualities. And giving his Ferrari F1 past, I guess he is the more likely one to win the election.

Still, my favourite would be Ari Vatanen. In the latest GPWeek there was a newsletter by someone saying that Ari can drive a car, not just reckognize one! Haha, well put. Ari was always my hero and I had the chance meeting him and even make an interview with him once. He is a die hard rally fan - like he probably would allow N-GT cars for Monte - and I know first hand he hates bureaucracy and overcomplicated reglations - i.e. he told me he hates the idea of 17 different passes to acceess areas of your rally. That's already two good reasons why us rally fans need him in this seat!

 Re: Election for new FIA President by Radiv

6-Aug-09 02:56 PM 

Finns are simple and straight ahead people, and that is what we need !

 Re: Election for new FIA President by Chris B

7-Aug-09 05:11 AM 

That's a true word. I will always stay impressed with my Finland trip. How can anyone be so friendly and welcoming with so few words? Very straight people.

However I am still not sure if Todt's F1 past helps him or not. Other teams may be thinking he could be biased towards Ferrari, but generally I believe Todt's F1 past gives us little hope for Ari being elected.

 Re: Election for new FIA President by teamanager

3-Oct-09 05:05 PM 

It'll be interesting to see which way it goes....but Todt's weakest point may be that he is supported by Moseley. I think a lot of people want things to change, and that has to help Vatanen.

 Re: Election for new FIA President by Chris B

4-Oct-09 02:59 AM 

They both are in Catalunya and were on TV last night. Todt said the election is not about a single person but about a team and he was always good in building teams areounf him. True! Vatanen said talking about rallying "This is a people's sport" I know he hates all these 28 passes to get anywhere and the less accessibility of the sport from an interview with him in Finland 2003. This comment really must make all rally fans hope Vatanen wins it, but I still believe within F1 he has no lobby.

 Re: Election for new FIA President by Radiv

5-Oct-09 04:32 PM 

Scary reading about the Mosely letter in GPWeek. have a look, and the interview is also commented.

Go Vatanen !

 Re: Election for new FIA President by Chris B

6-Oct-09 02:04 PM 

The Mosley letter in GPweek is very interesting indeed! Everybody go and read it!

The funny bit is that all the time I had the feeling Todt is going to win this, but Mosley backing Todt with letters like this makes me feel plays massively against Todt, right in contrary to Mosley's intentions.

Mosley makes 2 major errors here.

- The FIA is meant to be a democratic institution wheere all countries are governed and have their say. Mosley proves however a dictatorship, as the current president he should have never taken side for one and against the other candidate that clearly!

- The other is, he is actually threatening Jordan for siding with Vatanen, saying that if Jordan sides with Vatanen, and as Todt WILL win, with Todt as president he basically could make sure Jordan will be punished for siding with Vatanen.

Now it will be interesting what happens. Don't know how GPW got hold of this letter and how many parties about to vote have seen this. But Mosley tries everything to back Todt, who I thought for his F1 past in F1 biased FIA had the far bigger chances than Vatanen. But with this attitude Mosley has just succeeded in making everybody who wants a change in FIA, everybody who has doubts over Mosley and everybody who does not want a dictatorship is now going to vote against Todt! Well done Max!

Will be interesting to see the outcome

 Re: Election for new FIA President by radiv

4-Nov-09 03:36 AM 

Strange outcome of the vote really.

I am a bit amazed by the outcome, and the big win for Todt. What happened i the last few days, did Max do more to push the delegates in the direction of his preferred solution ???