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 PS WRT Future by Radiv

6-Aug-09 03:05 PM 

What are the chances that Petter can get hold of 1 or 2 C4's or 2009 versions of the Focus for 2011 ?

And will he get hold of a new car for the 2 last rallies in 2009 ?

 Re: PS WRT Future by Chris B

7-Aug-09 05:09 AM 

There is the rumour that he gets a C4 for the last two rallies. However I heard so little that I doubt it is more than a rumour. Would he be allowed to drive a WRCar in 2011? I think not?

 Re: PS WRT Future by Radiv

7-Aug-09 10:54 AM 

Sorry, typo - meant 2010 of course.

Even though I feel that 1600T for 2011 will be too early, and that we might see FIA change the gameplan again...

 Re: PS WRT Future by Chris B

7-Aug-09 12:11 AM 

Well, hope not. If 1600T engine is delayed, the FIA is bound to wait for the custom engine and that will be the death of all rallying! Why should Citroen - or anybody - rally a Ford Focus that is just badged as a Citroen. Marketing effect is less than zero!